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Radio on the net


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Anybody listen to radio stations on the net?
I'm not much for listening to our cheesy ass radio stations here in Toronto since I don't care for top 40 B.S.However I've grown rather tired of listening to the cbc all day as well.

So I was wondering is there anybody out there who might know of something interesting to listen to from another place in the world via internet?
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i listen to the bbc radio all day. even though i love the main channel (because its so much more diverse than any "top 40" channel in n.a.), theres about a million other choices on there (like the urban channel - house/hip hop/jungle/dancehall/uk garage)...

i love it...
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BBC definitely for traditional radio on the web. Why can't we have radio like this here? Always Brave New Waves on the CBC alongside community radio.