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Radeon All-in-Wonder 7500 Cooling


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when i turn on the computer the fan on this card buzzes for about a minute, after it stops it's still the loudest fan in the case. i'm considering replacing the fan with a Zalman-Northbridge Cooler Heatsink, will this be enough? or will I need a bracket fan to go with it.

i looked into the Vantec Iceberq cooling kits but they are only suggested for 9000 and up, anyone know at how many dB these guys run at? can't find it anywhere.

does a 7500 even need a fan, anyone played around with this? haven't looked at it closely either, are there mounting holes or am i gonna have to glue this thing on, thanks,
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i dunno about passively cooling a video card, probably not advisable....might want to try rage3d.com and do a search there to see what people reccomend