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raccoons broke into my house last night....


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so i get up today and hear a story from my precious roommate about my other roommate calling him at 430 in the morning because 2 raccoons found their way into my kitchen and decided to eat some kitty food for dinner...
she backed one of them into a corner in the little room that connects the house to the backyard and slammed the door, went downstairs and into her room... she hears something coming down the stairs and opens her door up a little cause she thought it was the cats, but another raccoon was standing outside her door hissing at her, so she slammed her door shut and called jeffrey to come and get them out... he came downstairs and found it in the kitchen again, used a broom to shimmy them both out...

WTF is with this little buggers lately?
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Do me a huge favour. Re-read your post, and tell me;

How in the hell have you NOT appeared on Jerry Springer?
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the stick is for beating.


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So, I'm sitting on the deck, having a good read by my camp lite..and the cat from downstairs comes up and starts rubbing himself against my foot. I reciprocate and rub him back, twisting my foot this way and that...

Then I look down..

It's not the cat...

It's a motherfuckin' large raccoon (At least he was enjoying it...)

I scream. He screams and runs down the stairs...

Don't feed 'em... Please!
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The racoons are conspiring alongside synchromomator.

If you think those raccoons left without scouting the place for government cheques, you're only lying to yourself.

edit: bumbaclat beat me to the punch.
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I think it's safe to say the Raccoons were merely doing some crime scene investigation in the mystery of the missing GST cheques.

Only one person can be behind such a dastardly act......


soulbrother 10

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This happened to me a few years back. 3 'coons came in an open window and went for the cat food. After hearing weird noises, I came downstairs to see what the hell was going on. The cats were undercover and the racoons were in no hurry to leave. They looked at me as if to say, "wtf do you want?" I had to grab a broom and chase the buggers around the house to get them out the open door.
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