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good times were had by all.

as usual, the set of the night goes to Satori. Sick!

I wish he'd play longer though. 1 hour is no where near enough. The man is incredible, he should get at least 2 hours.
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Another great Resistor party and I can hardly wait for your New Years Eve celebration...

Thanks H & C for your great parties!



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As usual.. R351570R does it again. Wicked little pre NYE party.

I actually thought the set of the night went to Z-Poc on this one. This guy needs to come back.. that was some fierce psy.

All in all a great night.. thanks to clay and hil and crew for setting us up for the big shabang tonite!


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unfortunately there is only so much time in a night and to get eeryone in we have to try and make sets as even as possible. originally we had longer sets for this event but 2 last minute djs wanted to spin early (phamakon and SENIX from paris,fr) so shorter sets it was.

thanks to everyone who came out the turn out was really really good.

I agree that ZPOC was on the money. wicked trax and a cool guy.