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R351570R - Nova - Sat. Apr.27th - PIX


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R351570R 8 - NOVA pix are up.

I'm hoping to get some feedback on my "Dark PSYde of the Moon" set from 4-5. I was soooo busy mixing 3 or 4 things into each track (Neil Armstrong's transmissions from the first moon landing, other tracks with spacey samples, etc), including each song from the album by Floyd, that I had little time to judge crowd reaction. Did it work? How did it sound? Was it seamless and surreal and cool?

Thanks to all who came out and enjoyed the night. The rain and the cold affected attendance a bit, but I think that it was one of our best, and I really enjoyed the sets by PTK, Satori, Dam and Psi-koTec, as usual. I jumped when Dam began his set with "Welcome to Machine" to complement what I played that night.

We're also always looking for suggestions (DJ's, live acts, sideroom styles, deco ideas, themes, give-aways, etc) to make the parties better, so feel free to speak your mind!



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Good Set Psyclone

I thought it was pretty seemless, and well put together, at a point u really started to go full on- which I totally love.

Always fun parties:D

I have posted my pics from Sat night at

go to party pics then resistor8

I have already told Bathory that she can take them to use on the cyberorganization site (I just request props in form of a link to www.psytrancetoronto.com).

Keep up the good work guys and girls