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R-Shop Contemporary Television (TV) Stand / Display


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I'm selling this massive TV unit from the R-Shop in Toronto. I believe R-Shop closed a couple years ago but their furniture was spectacular.

It has two slide out drawers on the left and right sides that open to reveal smaller slide out drawers with compartments within. Behind two fold down doors in the middle are very large component areas that allow your electronics to be hidden away when you're not using them. When your electronics are activated there is enough room for air to circulate around everything. Each of the component areas has a nicely sized cable pass through at the back of the unit.

It's extremely solid MDF and veneer. This piece is ridiculously heavy! I can't remember what type of wood the veneer is. I want to say Oak, but I can't say for certain. It could be pine. If some can correct me then I will update this ad. It has a frosted gloss top that inset into the top.

The unit is very clean and in excellent condition.

The dimension are: 23" deep X 18.5" high X 94 1/2" wide. 8 feet wide!






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