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R-Shop Contemporary Sideboard / Buffet / Credenza


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I'm selling this sideboard from the R-Shop in Toronto. I believe R-Shop closed a couple years ago but their furniture was spectacular.

It has two swinging doors that open to reveal a slide out drawer and two shelves below. You can use it to hold your fine china and cutlery or anything else you have laying around.

It's extremely solid MDF and veneer. This piece is very heavy! I can't remember what type of wood the veneer is. I want to say Oak, but I can't say for certain. It could be pine. If someone can correct me then I will update this ad. It has a frosted gloss top. The glass goes down the front of the unit a couple inches.

The unit is very clean and in excellent condition.

The dimensions are: 16" deep X 30" high X 36 1/4" long

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wow, does anyone know how to move this kind of thing? nobody wants furniture huh? especially slightly dated furniture from 10 years ago... woh woh.



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it's gonna get there eventually. i'll have to just leave it out on the side of the road...

first world problems.
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