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R&S Records retro techno mix


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I finally got this one done. Recording it wasn't a problem... finding all the info was!

The mix features some of the earliest production work of Richie Hawtin, Cari Lekebusch, Joey Beltram, Aphex Twin, Dave Clarke, Speedy J, DJ Hell, Ken Ishii and more...

For more info, and to download - go to the mixes page at

here's the tracklist...

Artist – Title
1 – Fred 1 – A1
2 – Equitek – Stylus Flight
3 – Source – Eclipse
4 – Second Phase – Vortex
5 – Mescalinum United – We Have Arrived [Aphex Twin qqt mix]
6 – Directional Force – Parameter
7 – Mundo Muzique – Albido
8 – Tronik House – The Savage & Beyond
9 – Nexus 21 – Logical Progression
10- C J Bolland – It’s All In The Mind
11- The Project – Do That Dance
12- GreyHouse – New Beats The House
13- Joey Beltram – Energy Flash
14- DJ Hell – My Definition of House Music
15- Project 86 – Total Recall
16- Space Opera – Space 3001 [Out Of Control mix]
17- Mental Overdrive – 12000 AD [The Warning]
18- The Aphex Twin – Digeridoo
19- Ken Ishii – Prodome
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Nice! I was just reading an article on R&S circa '93 from an old CD compilation I bought around then called "Trace Europe Express".

Old school techno makes me quiver with delight! :D


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looks very interesting...
looking forward to this one. the info about each track was a nice touch. saves me the trouble of looking into them myself;)


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damn! looks sweet. I'm always up for a little techno history lesson.
I'll have to download a copy next time I'm on.
(btw Gerald, never got that acid mix of yours. I had to bounce to Oz before it came in the mail :( )
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and the descriptions about each track are great

you can sense the 'enthusiasm' behind the mix :D


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Fantastic man! :)

Of those records, Joey Beltram – Energy Flash and The Aphex Twin – Digeridoo, both of which are fabulous.

Thx for the mix.


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I was listening to this on the bus this morning, and I thought I might shoot right out of my skin. :D

wicked and again wicked!

The Truth

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I remember R&S used to be the top techno label in the early/mid 90s..then it all went downhill when Sony bought a piece of them.. Derrick May was also supposed to produce an album for them..
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I'm pretty sure it was just Sony Japan that had a piece of R&S and that didn't last very long. There was still a tonne of great stuff that came out on R&S after the Sony relationship began.



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Thank's for the props everyone!

Hope you enjoy it. :)

Originally posted by zoo

and the descriptions about each track are great

you can sense the 'enthusiasm' behind the mix :D

I was very excited when i first thought about of the idea! :)

When it came down to recording the mix after taking such a long time to get all the info together - it was more of 'just get the damn thing done' feeling. I was contemplating listening to all the records and figuring out which records went best with which (since i hadn't listened to most of these records in a heck of a long time.) Then i stopped and thought 'Awww f**kit!!', and away i went! :D


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