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R.I.P Tom Cheek


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I just heard the news on the radio. He was and still is in my opinion the voice of the blue jays. You will be missed Tom.. R.I.P.


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So, so sad... his voice for me was synonymous with the whole sport of baseball.

It will always remind me of my youth.


Big Harv

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RIP, Tom :(

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Vincent Vega

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"Touch 'em all Tom......"

RIP for the man who called the best, most memorable sporting moment in my life, one October night in 1993.

To the voice of our team.

Very sad.


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A sad day indeed. Tom was as big a part of sport for me growing up as anyone. He was an original Blue Jay and will be missed.
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Unbelievable that he saw every Blue Jay pitch from the first day until 2003.

If you ever go to a jays game they have a banner for him that has the amount of games he called on it. I`m not sure of the exact number but it`s over 4,000 and it`s hanging up and to the right of the hotel.

R.I.P Tom Cheek you will be sorely missed.

Touch em all JOE!!!