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R.I.P Cinar Onat (aka Dj Fuzion)


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My condolences to Cinar's family and everyone else close to him.

Cinar was a really talented DJ and I was privledge to hearing many great sets from him over the years at System.


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Damnit. R.I.P. Cinar

I only met him a couple of times, but man, what a great guy. Still so shocked at this news.

Rest in peace, buddy.


The Truth

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I'm shocked myself...I had known Cinar since 1994 as we were in a uni class together..in fact, we became friends because I heard him mention that he was into djing.

He told me he was into Euro/Top 40 and although I was into more underground/electronic stuff, we became good friends and talked music and clubs. We went out to many mainstream clubs together and would critic the dj's every mix. I slowly tried to get him to come to raves but he wasn't into at the time. I had given him a few mixtapes and he was starting to get more into the music.

Unforunately, I lost touch with him after university but bumped into him a couple years later at some club. He had told me that he was totally into the scene now and had begun spinning Trance. Even though I wasn't into Trance anymore, I thought it was cool that I he had got further into the scene...partially because I introduced it to him.

A year or two later, I bumped into him again and he told me that he was now a host at BPM TV. I didn't have digital cable at the time to view it but I was glad that he had gotten the position.

I hadn't talked to him since them although I did finally manage to see him on BPM TV awhile back. He was a great guy and I will always remember him.

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Korhan Kinazi

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Cinar - I luv you man !

will never forget how you'd diss me spinning deep house - while you were spinning Euro / Top 40 when we were roomies back in the mid 90'ies - we'd diss each other because we were so close ! how we'd wake up and have breakfast at Harvey's - you and your cripsy bacon strips !

as I am typing these words, I am reliving the emotions so vividly that I am out of words, right now !

rest in peace brother !

i wonder how sweet your music sounds up there ! keep spining the tunes Cinar !

luv you

your brother


Mrs. Pink

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I had met Cinar through mutaul friends and through some work I had done with BPM. Cinar was always eager to help out however he could. He was a talented dj, even though I had always bugged him about his choices in music, he always carried the Trance banner in Toronto. Respect to Cinar and all his accomplishments. He wasn't here nearly long enough, but his presence will be felt for years to come. You'll be missed by many.

Mat Lunnen


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RIP Cinar :(

I met Cinar back in the early days of djshows when he had a successful show on the station/site. We kept in touch after i got rid of the site and eventually lost contact with him. I'm truly sad to hear this depressing news of his passing. I was happy to meet and know him.

My luv goes out to him and his family.

God bless you buddy

Miguel (MiGzzz)
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Dr Trance

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Wow-for some reason I did not hear of Cinar's passing until stumbling across this thread today. I, too, am in shock; I didn't see him that often any more (the last time was at a Hallowen party in October), but it was always a treat to engage him in conversation, just like it was always a treat to hear him spin and talk about his love of trance.
May I also say that I always enjoyed his sets and presence on my radio show...and on his own. He was a talented person whose joy of life and genuine enthusiasm for what he did shone through.

MiXX iT uP

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i have to work friday night, but i will definitely try and stop by to say hello to everyone who i know will be there.
it's sad that it takes something like this to bring us all back into one room, for the first time in years ... but that's how it happens so often.

i have more "CINAR" stories than i could count on 20 peoples hands ... from my first rave, to bringing in the millenium together, to my bday at the joker when i almost broke my ankle falling down the stairs b/c he tripped me, to driving all the way to Montreal to see him headline at a rave in the basement of a freakin church, to being roomies with him for over a year, to kicking it with Del for his first set in the vip room at system ... and the list goes on and on and on.

these are memories that i will NEVER forget ... Cinar is someone who i will NEVER forget.
RIP babe ... i love you!