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R.I.P Cinar Onat (aka Dj Fuzion)


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copied from traceaddict because i dont have time to post right now.

A sad day - R.I.P. - Cinar Onat (DJ Fuzion)
I can't even believe I'm typing this...

After a lengthy battle and a tough fight Cinar Onat (aka DJ Fuzion) passed away today at the age of 29.

When I first met Cinar in 1997 we quickly became friends as we both shared a love for extreme sarcastic humour as well as complaining about why certain dance tracks never made it onto the radio. He was always passionate about music and DJing - at the beginning it was all about Euro - but after going to his first trance party in October '99 he quickly fell in love with it - later spinning at a party for another messageboard (Toronto Rave Crew) in Dec '99 - a month later Tranceaddict started and I kept bugging him to submit a mix to put up for download. Eventually he did and soon thereafter he began receiving fan emails from around the world asking for the next mix - this kept going even years after he had put up a mix - his sets were that good. Soon after that he went on to play an online radio - Woofur.com - and I can still remember how happy he was when Dr. Trance featured him on his radio show on 89.5FM in 2001.

Later in 2002 came his days at BPM:TV and he finally had the opportunity to work at something he loved - music & broadcasting - the highlight being getting to interview Paul van Dyk his favourite DJ. Later on came many more gigs at clubs around the city, mainly at system where he acquired more of a house sound but one image that'll stand out for me was when he dropped Culture Beat - "Mr Vain" - and how the dance floor completely went off after that!

Cinar had an outgoing, funny personality who made many of us laugh and most importantly he had a good heart. I'm going to miss the spontaneous MSN conversations where he would send me a sample of a track and wanted me to hear it, usually opening with: "Yes guy! You got to hear this!". I'll also miss some of the heart to heart talks we'd have about life and other stuff...sadly, I won't have any of those again.

Rest in peace Cinar, you left too way too soon.

Funeral details:

Sat.Feb.26 - 12 PM @ Canadian Turkish Islamic Centre/Mosque
336 Pape St, Toronto

Apparently there is some customary attire for females - a scarf around the head? Not sure, someone who knows more about this can clarify, I'll edit this post with more info as I get it.

Please feel free to use this thread to express your condolences and any memories you have.



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from my TA post.

My condolences to his family and friends.

Upon reading this, my first thoughts were to the last time I ran into Cinar, one that makes me smile, as we both couldn't get over the odds of us running into eachother.

It was the day he was spinning @ Fluid for the Heiniken DJ contest, and I was terribly lost in Leaside that afternoon.

Just as I had given up, and was going to simply drive home in frustration, Cinar turns the corner with his records slung over one shoulder, papers and assorted bags in both hands, keys in his mouth.

After I flagged him down, and put all his stuff in my car, we got to talking. I told him about my predicament, and he too sheepishly admitted he was somewhat lost. He couldn't remember which side-street he'd parked his car.

As we cruised the neighbourhood, we talked about his set for the night... the anticipation and passion seeped through as he told me to watch for this track, or the drop in another.

Fairly soon we found his car, and loaded it up. A quick flip through the map-book, and he found the park where my game was. Both pretty upbeat about the night about to unfold for him, we shook hands.

Cinar completely turned around my day, and that's no doubt how many of you feel about his affect on yourselves.

Rest In Peace Cinar.

oh, I almost forgot.. he tore it up that night too. :)


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I woke up this morning, hoping that it wasn't real...that it couldn't be true.

I met Cinar back in 2000 when I was in my second year of Radio Broadcasting @ Humber College, and he was in the certificate program...we were introduced thru one of the instructors, Joe Andrews (he was aware of our common interests in "all night dance parties", as Joe liked to call 'em)...and immediately Cinar and I formed a great friendship.

Over the years we would always see each other at different events, and keep in touch regularly thru phone calls and emails...and it was just natural seeing as we were both involved in the media, and shared a love for electronic music. Any time I'd run into him he'd always have a smile on his face, and an amazing laugh:)

It was just earlier this week that I recieved the news from Geoff that Cinar wasn't doing well...and I was hoping he'd hang in there.

All the best to Cinar's friends and family...and may his memory be kept alive by sharing his love for dance music and dance music culture.

I'll miss you Cinar...but I'll meet you again in a better place.
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R.I.P. Cinar

My deepest condolences to his friends and family. He was an amazing person who was full of life and energy. I met Cinar a couple of years ago and every time i saw him out he was always smiling and having fun, making sure everyone else was having a great time.

This is such a tragedy. if there is anything to be taken from this senseless event it's that you should live everyday to the fullest and always make sure to let those who are close to you know how much they mean to you because unfortunately you never know what can happen.

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Richard Raiban

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Cinar Onat was a close friend of mine. i met him at a mutal friends place several years ago. we were chilling, spinning & getting to know eachother until later on that night he asked me if i was interested in spinning with him on his internet radio show woofur. from that day on we had build a great friendship. although we were always down eachothers throats battling which genre of music was better trance or prog we always respected one-anothers style & combined forces when we could to create magic on the dancefloor. Cinar was a true sweetheart always wanting the best for people. i recall him coming over to my place where we would enjoy the day & watch movies, mix & play with the cats. he was such an animal lover and tended to them as though they were his own. a great guy with an even GREATER HEART. i still cant believe he is gone but atleast now he will suffer no more & although he may not have realized it before he passed away......the end of this chapter in his life only means a new beginning in what lies ahead for this remarkable individual. he's in a better place now & i can move forward remembering what an impact he had in my life & will forever carry him with me until we meet again.

god bless cinar onat, his family & partner in life.

my condolences,

richard raiban


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I'm in shock.

I have such great respect for you and your accomplishments. We only met a few times, and like with everyone who has crossed paths with you, you treated me with respect, and enjoyed a conversation.

May you rest in peace,
I'll see you one day, and we'll through it down


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cinar was always happy in my encounters with him. the dance music community has lost a great friend.

rest in peace cinar
we'll miss you man
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I just got back from the funeral service. Very good turn out. Nice to see his girlfriend holding up well. Very sad but I know the last month has been a great struggle. Happy to see him finally at peace RIP


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my condolences to his friends and family.

having lost a friend i made through the rave scene in january, i can definately empathize with what his friends and family are going through.

i found a lot of comfort in thinking that heaven is a dancefloor. may cinar find peace and happiness there.


Richard Raiban

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Originally posted by deveator
I just got back from the funeral service. Very good turn out. Nice to see his girlfriend holding up well. Very sad but I know the last month has been a great struggle. Happy to see him finally at peace RIP
i just found out about it @ noon. unfortunately i was @ work nor was i dressed accordingly or else i might have just locked up and went. i will definitely visit him and pay my respect.

you will always be remembered Cinar
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*+lady bass+*

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i first met cinar when i worked at woofur.com. he had a show on there too.

was such a nice guy...the world always seems to take the good ones first.

RIP Cinar.


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Still in shock......the funeral was the most positive I have been to, very spiritual in the overall message. Just spent the last while looking back at a bunch of video from the cottage from when we were 16. Times have changed and a large part of my life seems to have gone away. I always thought it was great we could not see each other for months or years and just pick up where we left off, now I am not so sure that is the way things should have been.

Cinar, you will be missed, you will be mourned, you are loved.

The Watcher

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I dont know what to say, I've known Cinar for a few years, and when I heard this I was shocked.

He will be missed, he was good people.

My condolences to his family.

-Nick :(
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