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I stayed for three songs until I had to dash off to class. I think that the first song was new..."C'mon, C'mon..." ...sounds like they have another athemn hit on their hands.

As soon as it started raining, umberallas went up and I couldnt see the stage anymore...but they had that live tv screen which helped.

For those that missed this, I hear they will re-play the performance on Much More Music sometime in early June.
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Here's the setlist:

1. Imitation Of Life
2. The Great Beyond (after this song, as the rain came pouring down, Stipe sang a snippet of CCR's "Have You Ever Seen The Rain?")<--- YEAH! i love CCR!
3. What's The Frequency, Kenneth?
4. All The Way To Reno (You're Gonna Be A Star)
5. I've Been High (a late substitution for Daysleeper)
6. The Lifting
7. I'll Take The Rain
8. At My Most Beautiful (dedicated to legendary Canadian music man Roger Desjardins, who was retiring yesterday from Warner Music)
9. The One I Love
10. She Just Wants To Be
11. Walk Unafraid
12. Losing My Religion
13. Man On The Moon


14. So. Central Rain
15. It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

it was a good show, despite the rain and being unable to see the stage. i've never been a big REM fan, but i might become one yet.



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so sorry i missed this
but i was too hungover from tonic to move my sick bum out of bed
sounds like you two had a good time

wish i was there!


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i almost cried when they played losing my religon

my favourite playing my favourite song...

too sweet


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by joey:
i almost cried when they played losing my religon

my favourite playing my favourite song...

too sweet

OMG! I actually did (one tear) when that came on!

I SO wanted to hear "Tongue."
But the last song was so killah.
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