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Quiznos commercial - HAHA ... WTF?!

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makes me wanna sub tho...

but then little chinchila like thangs with googlie eyes and pirate hats singing in cartoon bubbles with mexican accents always make me hungry.

Sunshyne Jones

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very very weird.
good to see cdn commercials getting more out there though.
we're so freakin' conservative when it comes to ads in general, compared to uk and other european countries.
(she says, not telling anyone anything they didn't already know)
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TaCk OnE?

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Originally posted by defazman
All I can imagine now is those rat creatures being in their subs. Yum.

yup, they're not too appetizing, albeit sort of amusing.

they sort of look like gremlins/rats/bogalins all rolled into one.


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that rathergood site is fucked up. my friend spooked me once with the dancing crabs episode (thanks again FC)
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