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quitting my job, i need to write i resignation letter


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hey peeps....

yeah , i've had enuff of where i am right now and i'm ready to move on...

i need some tips on what to say (or not to say) in my letter...nice things only please...i think i sort of got the jist of it...thanks for having me here...i am giving my 2 weeks notice today...
stuff like that right?

please if you've done this before help a sistah out...

in the words of Joh Lennon----Free.......as a bird...........


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Be sure to put in how much you enjoyed the experience and how much you learned in the environment, it may be a lie, but people like hearing that kind of stuff :).
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(speak with your immediate supervisor, telling them of your intentions before submitting)

Dear "immediate supervisor":
While I appreciate the opportunities my time at "namefcompany" has given me, I must noftify you of my intent to leave the company due to a change in personal circumstances.

Please accept this letter dated "suchandsuch" as the start of my two-week notice, as my last day in your emplyment will be "suchandsuchdate".

I have learned much in performing my duties, and hope I leave you with good relations intact.




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Go in to the president's office and honk his nose, just like that guys does in the Super 7 commercial.

-- Jay aka Fut


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quit half-baked style....
fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, you're cool, fuck you, I'm outta here.


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thanks all

oh how i would really like to pull that one off but i can't i need the reference in the future....


thanks guys...i'm writing the letter now and i give it tomorrow...

phew...a little nervous

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just make sure you dont burn your bridges behind you. say something like you have found something more suited toward the income you need/lifestyle/carrer choice..something kinda vague, but a sufficient answer. thank them, and sign it professionally.


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This was the one I just used couple weeks ago.

Burger King Manager,

My time at Burger King has been the most challenging and rewarding period of my career, and I regret having to make a difficult decision. I have recently accepted another position and must inform you that effective October 29th 2004, I will be resigning from Burger King.

This wasn't an easy decision as I am grateful for the rewarding employment I've had with BK. I appreciate having had the opportunity to work with so many talented people.

Sincere thanks and best wishes for the future,

Deep fryer engineer
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