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Quick! someone tell me what I should do tongiht!


Staff member
I am going to go outside and make snow angels in the backyard! It looks so nice and Christmassy out!
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DJ Doublecross

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It was tough, I had some serious cold sweats for a while, but I did it. I stayed home. I was able to do it by playing a computer game about pirates. Which makes me the biggest nerd in the world, but at least I got to be a pirate for a while.

Now it's off to sleep, where I get to be a viking.
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DJ Doublecross

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Where the hell did the term butt pirate come from in the first place anyway? I wonder if any gay people actually pretend to be pirates, plundering each others' booty.

Okay I'm getting too many mental images here, I'm gunna stop talking about this now.