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Questions about the new AMD AM2, and older socket forms


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So my aging computer is too pokey for me. I"m behind on my current tech knowledge as I've been out of the loop for a while now. I was just at the computer store looking at the socket 939 AMD stuff. I can get a nice speed increase for a decent price and use my current RAM. But then I saw about the new AM2 socket chips and boards.

My question is having to buy DDR2 RAM and the premium cost for new stuff worth the wait and the price increase? Some things I've read say AM2 will be around for a while, but I find that hard to believe. Would I just be better to get the 939 stuff for now, and then just wait to upgrade whenever the next thing after AM2 comes out? The guy at the store said I'd be pretty happy with the 939 stuff for a while. FYI the main reason I'm upgrading is because of audio work, so that will be the primary function.
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