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question regarding clubbing in montreal


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when they say they are "after hours" clubs does that mean they do not open until 2am or what? I'm going on the 29th to see mistress barbara at sona and on saturday to stereo. what time do they open at?

what time can we start posing in front of club sona on the friday?
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Sona open's @ 12AM with a free booze t'ill 1AM, so you want to get there @ midnight. The main room opens @ 2:30-3AM. Get there early to enjoy the free booze(free beer & vodka Gurus
) and avoid any lineups.

Stereo opens @ 2AM, but I wouldn't recommend getting there t'ill 2:30-3AM cause you'll wait in line anyways.

For more detailed info email me: huggs946@hotmail.com