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question re: om music

Discussion in 'Trance Room' started by kuba, Aug 26, 2003.

  1. kuba

    kuba TRIBE Member


    my friend is new to the electronica music scene. she said she totally liked what they played at the 'bla' stage at om, and some psy-trance stuff. I know subsonic chronic has some sets on his site, but what djs would i look for in order to satisfy her musical cravings? shes moving away to university and i wanted to make her a good luck blah blah sleep with me soon cd


  2. chooch

    chooch TRIBE Member

    You could get her the Sounds Of Om cd. There should be one out with who played that stage...possibly.

    I've got Sounds of Om 3 and love it....also Om Lounge.
  3. kuba

    kuba TRIBE Member

    I dont mean OM as in the label, I mean OM as in the musical festival... or is that what you mean too? if so, where did u get that seedee?
  4. Littlest Hobo

    Littlest Hobo TRIBE Member

    kodos has a psy-type site www.ektoplazm.com. You must register to get into the main forums. He also has a bunch of sets on cd for download.

    Cheap Ego of this board spun at that event as well (sporatik) and he has a nice cd of progressive psy noize stompy beats.
  5. chooch

    chooch TRIBE Member

    Om = Om

    The one that i have was actually the line up that i'd bought before 2002 Om! The complilations are fab. Got mine @ HMV but for sure might be available at the local run shops.

    edit= noticed that the local djs have representation on the board so perhaps they'd be better to obtain. rather support at home.
  6. Sinister Shadow

    Sinister Shadow TRIBE Member

    Get her the best...

    Infected mushroom...

    CD: Classical Mushroom
    - This is the all time best psy-trance cd... ever... bar none

    The rest of their stuff (converting vegitarians, BP Empire... etc are also great... Classical is just the cream of the cream)

    Otherwise, the BLA group (black light activists) were responsible for that stage at OM and are helpful folk who will be more than happy to point you in the right direction to local acts like reptilion and so forth.

  7. ArekTripleSL

    ArekTripleSL TRIBE Member

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