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question for Telus users

Dr Funk MD

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So my phone is crapping out on my. It's 2 years old now and the batteries are crapping out on me and the jack for the charger has a loose connection or something. It will only charge if it's sitting in just the right position. I figure for the amount of money I would spend replacing the batteries I could just about get a whole new phone.

So I was wondering how hard it is to switch phones and if anyone got suckered into a contract to save some money on a phone. The contracts seem crappy to me because I'm getting many things for free right now that I'd have to pay extra for with a plan. Also does anyone have any recomendations on phone models that are good? I'm looking to spend $150 or so and I don't really need colour screens or picture phones and what not.


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I'm happy with the contract. It guarantees that I keep all my 'freebies' for the contract duration, and if I renew before the expiry I should be able to keep them for the next contract term as well.

Currently I get:
- free caller id
- free call-forward
- free advanced voice mail
- free incoming calls
- per second billing

I think most of their phones are colour now. I'd reccomend getting the Kyocera, go check it out on the webpage. It's not a flip phone, and it's decently priced.



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1. call Telus and say you want a new phone.

2. receive phone in mail.

Works everytime! Don't settle for a shitty phone either.


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what kind of things are you getting for free?

I just got the kyocera model and it's nice. the battery's been going strong since thursday when I got it, and it's known for having a good signal reception.

I signed up for a one-year contract and got free caller id, advanced voice mail and call forwarding. When I spoke to a representative she waived the transfer fee.

Telus' focus right now is customer retention. if you hint to them you'd consider a contract, they'll dole out some nice incentives.