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Question for metrosexuals


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What you should do is use something like SpectroJel in the warm shower. Then shave immediately after your shower. Follow that with a facial moisturizer.

The Tesseract

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okay... cause the stubble rips the cloth to shreds.
I didn't think that was too cool when i tried the other day.

Basic: I use Phisoderm instead. I didn't like the lack of lather Spectro has.
Facial moisturizer i have not. :/

Originally posted by beaker
Too late Matt... i saw!
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Despite its lack of lather and its uncanny resemblane to jizz, I find it leaves a nice soft clean feeling on my face.

But a decent facial moisturizer for after shaving - it makes shaving a lot easier the next day.

Big Cheese

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Originally posted by basic
its uncanny resemblane to jizz

i'm not alone

yeah i did use that neutrogena acne-stuff but the smell is kinda iffy and it dries out your face too much

Spectro Jel owns imo

then shave after shower

then skin toner....

your golden


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P.S. Its a common misnomer that lather means clean. This is a lie, its really just a phycological effect. Some companies put lathering agents in their procducts to make it seem more effective at cleaning, when really suds mean nothing.


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i like spectro gel as well

my skin has never been better since i stopped washing my face with soap/cleanser everyday

i use spectro gel every other day in the shower.

fun times..

more guys need to use facial moisturizers

those cleany pad things are ass. they normally end up drying out/irritating your skin - no matter how much you pay for them.

use spectro gel + a good moisturizer (one with acne treatments if you have badd skin)

and use a toner after washing your face if you want to feel fancy.
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Dr. Grinch

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I find (for me) that the less I mess with my skin, the better. I use an all in one wash in the shower (Radox) and I just give my face a quick wash with that in the shower. All these other cleaners have harsh chemicals in them and like other people have said it dries your skin out something fierce.

I still wanna try those nose strips though. I have huge pores on my nose and they get gross :\


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I find shaving during the shower is the best ever! It opens up the pores in your face, and gives you a closer shave that standing over this sink. Shaving after the shower is dumber than a box of hammers! You just had a shower, now you have to wash your face again?

I'm also on a well, so I can't waste the water? so that has something to do with my routine


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Here's a tip from a HOMOsexual which pretty much overrules every metrosexual combined: don't use that shit. Cleanse (with a facial wash), exfoliate with a light exfoliator, (if you got it) soften with an beard oil, shave, moisturize.

I know. I'm a genius.


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Originally posted by The Tesseract
Do you use facial cleansing pads (like from Biore or shiseido) before or after shaving?
Another thing, Shiseido is for old 40 year old Chinese ladies.
Quite the product line but a little outdated.

I would go for Zirh or Aveda.
For cheaper alternatives, there's Body Shop. H20 has a great men's line too.
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Originally posted by Nesta
so, what exactly is spectro gel?
spectro gel is a brand of cleanser championed by the obsessive compulsive hypochondriac in their quest for pharmaceutical grade cleansing power.

they have a whole line of products - facial, hand, body, etc., and have a good rep. because the hand variety is used in some hospitals.

naturally this by-the-by testament to product goodness is automatically associated with the entire spectro gel line by the gullible consumer, along with comparitively larger price tags.

hooray for a spectro nation!


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I used to use spectro gel (unscented) but it stopped working for me / or I developed an allergy to it and it stated giving me mre acne.

Now I use neutrogena.:)


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I have a Cuban expatriate eunuch, who--while singing operatic tunes in his beautiful castrati voice--applies all natural organically grown fresh vegetables onto my skin.

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Dr. Grinch

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Originally posted by PosTMOd
I have a Cuban expatriate eunuch, who--while singing operatic tunes in his beautiful castrati voice--applies all natural organically grown fresh vegetables onto my skin.
Tell the truth man..

Postmod secretly stars in a line of underground norwegian bukkake videos that feature him and several midgets all dressed as clowns.

Circus Funtime volume 14 is available at fine video stores near you.


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I use a Gillette midget razor, which has eighteen little wee midgets who work very hard to move 43,000 blades, made of diamond three molecules thick, back and forth for the cleanest shave ever.

The little bastards shit a lot, which acts as shaving cream. Though this might sound disgusting, they are on a strict diet of Japanese green tea and cucumbers, with the occasional [mini] handful of ground up pumice for when I need to exfoliate.


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I wish we could turn back the wayback machine to 1975 so that we could all have handlebar mustaches and chest rugs and be rid of this utterly excessive prettifying of the male species...don't buy in, brothers!


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Forget it! I'd be out of style in a huge way, since I can't even grow a fucking 'stache, let alone a handlebar one... and the 18 chest hairs don't fucking help...

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