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Question for house dj's...


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...I'm looking for 12's by the following artists or labels from about 96-99...if you want to make some money and clear some space in your shelf get in touch...

Locked On
Industry Standard
Ice Cream
Scott Garcia
Tuff Jam
187 Lockdown
Todd Edwards
Arman Van Helden-"Sugar is Sweeter" remix,"Spin Spin Sugar" remix
Ray Hurley
Social Circles
M Dubs
Ramsey and Fen
Dem 2

hmmm....others to follow....

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I've got many of those, but I'm not parting with any of them
. Sorry!

-- Jay aka Fut


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by jungleboy:
Arman Van Helden-"Sugar is Sweeter" remix,"Spin Spin Sugar" remix

I just got these tracks a couple weeks back. There is a 3 vinyl pack that contains all his biggest remixes.


If you wanna find that stuff, go to Play De, armed with your list and I bet that you'd be able to find a lot if not all of it there.
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