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Question for hairdressors or people who know a lot about hair chemistry


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Ok so for some reason the water here in Busan really messes up my hair. I usually use a hair relaxer on my hair to make it nice and straight but i have found that for some reason the water here really just fucks it up. Basically after 4 days my hair goes back to being wavy again. When i was in japan my hair started to go back to normal again so i realized that it is the water that is the problem.

We live on the side of a mountain so i am wondering if perhaps there is a really high mineral content in the water and that is causing my hair to go wavy. It has happened to everyone else as well.

so does anyone have any tips on what i could do to preven this? i have been shampooing with bottled water for the past 2 weeks which has helped. Luckily it is cheap enough here.
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Yes it's the hardness of the water (the mineral content of the water). When you wash your hair in hard water mineral salts are left behind on the hair. They decrease the effectiveness of hair products amongst other things.

Do a search on google for water hardness and hair for tips.