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Question about the Blair Witch Project


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Does anyone remember seeing the witch for like a split-second at the end of the film??

I seem to have this memory that you see the witch right at the very end once they were in the house and the one guy is standing in the corner of the room.

I remember it scared the shit out of me.

but i got it on DVD and there is no witch at the end. its just the girl screaming, the guy standing in the corner, and suddenly she drops her camera, and thats the end of it. it wasnt scary at all.

no witch.

but i remember a witch. she was all hairy and shit.

there was a witch right???
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i dont think i saw the sequel.

ah man, i think this is the concrete proof ive been looking for that my occasional drug usage is getting out of control.


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the video is the original killings, where the one kid watched the witch disembowel the other kids from the corner

it's funny because it's true
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Temper Tantrum

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The blair witch is REAL

didn't you all get the email forward?


never go camping. EVER

This unimportant post was brought to you by the tribe poster:


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Originally posted by janiecakes
but wouldn't it be cool if your house had legs?

are you from buckhorn?
If only my house had legs.

No, I have some friends that grew up there, I think the name is funny, they are going to make me visit one day.
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