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Question about Opera...now that I've got it running

TaCk OnE?

TRIBE Member
I got it running on my pc....no crack for the mac yet...but, in the prefrences I have show text and images for buttons, but only the text shows up.

I know the image files are IN the folder, I just don't know how to make them active again.

they just vanished for some reason....not that it's that big a deal, but I mean, I just kind of like having the images on the buttons.

anyone know how to get them active again?


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gah, and here I actually thought that someone was expressing an interest in Opera 'music'.
one can dream...


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i thought the same thing to moez.

bah...just start a mock thread about this one and talk about opera's, cause you know..multiple threads never get started here ;)

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i thought it was about the browser at first ... and i'm sure deep did as well.

my advice is to switch to mozilla ... and a mac.