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question about getting digital pictures printed


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i have tons of pics that i have taken over the years with my digital camera...i would like to burn some to cd and take them to a photo finishing place to have them printed.

they are all 1600x1200 resolution. most of the pics are taken with a 2.1mp cam, and the other with a 4mp cam.

does anyone know what the maximum size print would be that i can get? without the pics looking all pixelated and disgusting of course...i want them to have real photo resolution (for lack of a better phrase).

please and thank you.

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1600x1200 should be fine for 5x7...
But if you want to go to 8x10" I don't think 2.1Mpix is good enough... You'd want 4Mpix or higher.



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It all depends on your own idea of what a "good" print looks like. I think pics at 2Mp look a bit crappy at 8x10, 3Mp look decent, and 4Mp look great.


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200 pixels per inch is mimimum ( 300 is best, 100 is shit)

so a 1200 x 1600 would be great at 5x7 but not so good at 8x10

however, they print at slightly different proportions than they are taken at so they have to crop it a bit........
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