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question about e-filing/direct deposit


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ok so I just e filed and getting a return I did not choose the direct deposit part..and I do get my GST return via mail...

but they do have a direct deposit info on record from like 2 years ago with a bank account that I never use but owe like 80 bucks to it...

will they send me the refund in the mail?
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I'm pretty sure that if you specified on this years filing that you want to receive the return via regular mail that's how they send it.

Did you get DD last year or by mail?


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last year I did through H&R cus it was close to the deadline...

the year before I don't think I did DD...I remember calling up revenue canada and telling them to send it to an address...

as I said I do recieve GST credit via chk....

and I never chose anything on direct deposit...
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if they have an accont on file they will automatically deposit to that one unless you chequed the box that said to mail it. Or noted that you wanted it mailed. It happended to me a couple years ago they deposited to an account I thought I had closed so it didn't go through.. yadda yadda big headache