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Question about Canadian military

Boss Hog

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I think someone on this board made a reference to the amount of troops in the Canadian military. How many troops, and how many soldiers per troop?

And what stock of vehicles do they have?



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Also relevant is the information on the origin, background and educational status of those who enlist. It's not just about how many. It's also about whom. ...and the quality of character therein. This is not 1939.

Excellent question though!


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^^ There's an appalling ignorance at play in how the "Proud Boys" thought that natives "disrespecting" Cornwallis deserved remarking and punishment - when this is a guy who collected body parts of dead natives and provided compensation to those who provided him with said body parts.


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You know what the big problem nowadays is?

Insufficient respect for General Cornwallis!

Way to pick your battles asshats