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Quentin Harris // Weds April 5 // Hotel (on Peter)


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This night has been up on GHM for a bit -- so hellooo deep and soulful Tribers! I'm looking forward to some mid-week beats.

Martino is playing too (didn't realise he was a local :0). Love his track 'Do What Feels Right'.


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Can't wait for this night! Good DEEEP SOULFUL - house goodness!

Going to this one with a househead from work too! Should be a great night!


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i thought this was last night and i couldn't go.
sweet sweet house music. i can't wait for next wednesday!


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not going to anything this weekend...'cause i'm savin' all my love, yes i'm savin' all my love...yes i'm savin' all my love for Q!

me = ch33se
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