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Hey...for those of you who liked "Dancing with myself" PLEASE VOTE 4 ME here!!!


I did a compressed version of the mix....anyone who votes gets the download ...pm me or mail me and let me know....and i'll send you a downloadable link!!

Tracklisting: 20 min
1.How Soon is Now - The Smiths
2.Falling - John B (2005 Remix)
3.Technologic - Daft Punk (Peaches No Logic Remix)
4.Remix Break - The Panacea
5.Just Cant Get Enough - Depeche Mode
6.Nine - Bad Company
7.Accelerate - Hydra Breaks
8.On A Mission - Hydra Breaks (John B Remix)
9.Nine - Bad Company
10.Paparazzi Snap My Photo - Queensyze
11.Silver Screen - Malibu Mix
12.Teaches of Peaches - Peaches
13.Hey Mickey
14.Blue Monday - New Order
15.Cutslo - Ed Rush & Optical & Fierce ( Lokuste Mix)
16.Mr. Roboto - The Styx
17.Fk. Me Amedeus - Queensyze
18.Operate - Peaches
19.Evil Acid - Gridlok Remix
20.Electronic - John B
21.Sunglasses at Night - Corey Hart
22.Fk. The Police Break
23.Pack of Wolves - Nightbreed (Pendulum Rmx)
24.Dancing with Myself - Billy Idol

oh yeah and like the last mix -- it was all recorded live using abelton and a controller
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wicked......thanks for all the votes and PMs.....keep em coming!!! you are helping me get up there!! You managed to put me now in the top 10!!! if you like the mix .... then please support and VOTE!!

thanks babes.....Q