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quarter year review...


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hard to believe it's already 3 months into 2ohoh2...& it's been a pretty good start to the year...what are your memories about the first quarter of this year...parties etc...


steve bug @ element...fun night with really nice sounds...always an amazing vibe in this downstairs location...this night was so much fun, spent with so many amazing people...

cass @ element...had missed him the night before @ system, & had the opportunity to check him out in the best small venue in the city...he didn't disappoint...back to back with mark scaife...

deep dish @ koolhaus...the first of 3 (so far) wicked parties by the science crew...(although i guess science wasn't officially formed at this time)...goldclub did a wicked job for this setup...i don't think anyone will forget the rotating, middle of the floor dj booth for quite a while...

danny howells @ breathe...just sneaks in...outstanding night, an incredible time as always...ass shaking music by the man...

electricians house party...seeing the dukes/engine tear it up in true house party styles...a fun night & early morning...hope to see you guys around soon kf & @m ... keep up the good work...


orbital - illuminate (charlie may remix)
luke fair - (the king tubby track)
luke slater - nothing at all (king unique rmx)
rinocerose - love lost (felix da housecat rmx)


anthony pappa ... this night was only saved by the tremendous presence of steve porter...pappa's mixing was brutal & track selection uninspired...i wouldn't normally be so negative, but he truly disappointed...

wintergalactic...i wasn't planning to go, but a lot of friends were planning to check this out...unfortunately this is a huge blow for the toronto "big" party scene...hopefully they can bounce back...

the ellen (from seinfeld) show...actually who really cares...

futher notes...

continued respect to matt coleridge & mark scaife for rocking out every weekend @ system, thanks for so many wicked memories...so now things start to warm up...spring time is here & it's almost time for bbqs, beaches & outdoor parties...


Destro Sanchez

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Steve Bug at Element

DJ Maus at Element


Dirty Brown World Tour- Bunker records show by Dialectro

Electro-Boogie-Acid-Wash night at Element with Cryogenetic spinnin electro upstairs! (fave element night of all time!)

DJ Precyse- sunday at element. an amazing performance in the candle lit upstairs of element...mean mean mean scratchin goin on!

Perlon party- Building Blocks does it again!!!


Wes' house party

my birthday party

Repair at Element (boy, Element keeps comin up quite a bit eh?)

that's my review for the first quarter of the year...



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this could be fun...why is no one posting.....

ummmmm.....the jungle scene is doing fine I guess....return of the big party.....some doing well....others.....not


seems to be a real rift between the 19+ crowd and the all ages crowd.....hurting some of the bigger parties, where three years ago it would not have been an issue...then again.....there were a lot of things that would not have been issues back then.....


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some of my highlights from the lsat 3 months:

- Lil' Louis Vega @ System

- Carl Cox @ Tonic (not the best mixing but I had fun nonetheless)

- Mad Bar Anniversary w/ Sneak (again, Evil P was much better but I had fun)

- Barry Weaver @ Tonic (not packed but his last hour had me rushing)

- Freaky Flow and Flipside @ The Living Room (great vibe, good music and much fun - even when the floor nearly collapsed!!)

I don't get out much which is why most of these have to deal with Wednesday nights. As well, if I can't remember it, I musn't have had a good time.



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steve bug @ element
cass @ element
gaetano parisio @ element
carl cox @ tonic
freaky and flip @ the living room
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