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4 ingredients

make an original pizza, and name it.....

we made a breakfast pizza.

cheddar cheese
diced tomato
[placed in a star]
crack raw eggs, in the gaps betweent eh tomato and the cheese

its amazing

whats your 4 ingredient [or less] pizza
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1. bread
2. tomato sauce out of a jar
3. glass of vodka
4. another glass of vodka

That's my "breakfast" pizza
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[- FuNKtiOn -]

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recently I graded cheese over some curry I made and was impressed with how it went, so if I were to invent a pizza, it would probably go a little something like:

spicey curry instead of sauce
a light layer of marble cheese
grilled pork or chicken
diced green and red peppers.

catchy name still to be decided.
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