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Pyschemagik @ Beam Me Up (Great Hall)


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Found out at the last minute that Pyschemagik was playing at the Beam Me Up party so I risked being a zombie at work on Friday and headed out to Blk Box. Turned out the gig was at Great Hall. Nice location but the space was a bit too big for the size of the crowd (even though it was a decent turnout). It was my first Beam Me Up party and the crowd was great: Friendly and into dancing. Psychemagik came on before one and played a killa set. Very Balearic. Started off with their remix of Kauf’s Relocate. Keeping the beats pretty slow in the beginning. Lots of late 80s sounding mixes (dubby, big snare, funky bassline with the occasional slap bass) mixed with some really soulful tracks. I heard Iduit Boys, Hall and Oats, Cece Peniston (I think), Sister Sledge, INXS with one or two proggy/cosmic tracks thrown in. The format is not new but the selections were real good. Loved it.
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Destro Sanchez

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I paid for it at work today, but it was nice getting out.

Ran into old friends, new ones, disco ones, house ones. Good crews. Met Doublecross via Spinsah. (although i think i may have before, but i'm a waster so please forgive me if it was a re-meet)

They were pretty tight and knew how to work the room well.


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I need to get in the loop. I was out last night and would have checked them out.

If anyone can hook me up with their edit of "wake up every body" I'd appreciate it.


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This turned out to be an awesome night. It was empty just after 11 when we showed up but filled up quickly with a great crowd. I think the event worked better in the Great Hall rather than downstairs as the tunes had more organic, laid back and retro elements that suited the heritage vibe perfectly. Psychemagik started off real slow and everyone was grooving as they worked it up through cosmic, classic, boogie and classic rock inspired territory. It was hard to peel myself away knowing work was right around the corner, and boy was Friday painful, but was it ever worth it!

Great seeing so many people out. I forgot how fun a Thursday night could be.
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You're a well travelled duo. Of all the places you've been, where are the
most adventurous/out there audiences?

They're pretty out there generally, I think our music attracts that, but Californian and Canadian crowds really know how to rip it.

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