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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Metal Morphosis:
I was sober and I paid close attention. The last 1/2 hr. of his set was good - the rest of it just didn't do it for me.

Pfft.... sure you were Lisa... sure you were.


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Hey, that is so cool! Tearer and met in Berlin! He stayed at the hostel that I have been working at (I am still in Berlin -- I just check in on the board now and again to cure my homesickness). I am even in one of his pictures!

*starts singing* "It´s a small world after all! La dee dee da dee dum dum...."

Anyways... Josh! Howyadoin? It´s Kristian! (From the Beaches? With the hat? There ya go.) I was even just talking about you with Christina today. We were talking about people who have come and gone.....

Sorry to interrupt the rest of you with this little e-reunion. I just had to pop in to say "hi".

And Josh, everyone around here talks about you very fondly, you made a really big impact!

Uuugh, computertime running out.... gotta goooooo!



Whoa, that's two close encounters of the phreaky kind in two days. Kristian; wie geht es dir? Dude, good to hear from you. I had no idea you were werking at Mitte's now. Say hi to Jeremy, Ron, Christina and the rest for me.

The other strange thang is involved with the party saturday too, but I'll leave the deets off this forum. All I have to say is that, yah, its a very small world.

Hey - I'm stoked that a few of you checked out and liked the photos.

And Lisa~you were sober? Uh, ok whatever you say babay.

Everything, Everything;
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