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First off I just gotta say that the Warehouse looked fucking incredible! that big ass sheet or drape hanging from the ceiling and walls blew me away! That was pretty cool. The projection screens everywhere were a nice touch to. Anyone else notice that all of the visuals were for Benson & Hedges? I'm assuming they sponsored the party.
It did however seem a bit unorganized. When we arrived at 12 we were told that the coat check was closed?? You'd think they would have known that basically everyone would be bringing a jacket.

There were a few too many Gino's for my taste but it was bearable. Also way too many glowsticks. I hate them!

As far as the sets go, I'd have to say that Scaife played the best on the night. THe past several times I've seen him he's torn shit up. Now Paul Van Dyk on the other hand... well I guess he was alright. Definitely nothing special. He played some alright tunes at the beginning but then it just got too uplifting. I'm really not a big fan of those huge epic breakdowns. I recognized a few of the tracks he played as ones that I owned until recently when I got rid of them cause they were such cheese. He for sure didn't live up to my expectations, but for $22 I'd have to say it was worth it.

I left a bit early around 4:15 because I'm Lactose intolerant.

2/5 Glowsticks


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Well I had a very fun night, met some new interesting people!!! Paul van Dyk played a nice set but not quite as good as I had hoped, I liked it but was hoping he was going to throw out some new mind destroying tracks or that he would have played some harder stuff...
One of my favorite mixes of his is the essential mix live at home (4-23-00)and then his mix at Marc Spoons birthday at the HR3 XXL clubnight (12-02-00), the mix at Marc Spoons birthday is a little "more avin it" in the progressive department and seem to signify the direction his djing is going in, this style is what I was hoping for... He certainly spun with his "newer" style but unfortunately it failed to really catch my attention (truth be told, maybe this damn Breathe nights are raising my expectations for everything
) It was a little calmer than I would have liked it to be, but fun none the less.
Also Mark Scaife if you happen to read this, don't know but perhaps you might have seen in my other posts how I'm not always too enamored with your sets too much (everyone has their own style and taste) however.....
In my opinion that was the best set I have heard you spun, it was fantastic and (Yes I'm going to say it!!) I even liked it more than Paul van Dyks set(gasp!!) So I say thank you very much!!!! Certainly showin the home grown - world class talent off to its best degree!
Unfortunately my ride was leaving a little after 6 so I didn't get to hear all of Aubreys (sp?) set, but from what I heard it was a lot more progressive and less tribally than I heard before and I liked it.
Crap!!! Almost forgot to mention the decor! The warehouse was stunning! Such a incredibly hard space to deal with and who ever did it did a fantastic job, I've never seen it look so good! They actually made it feel kinda intimate... with all the other 3000 people around me :p
Overall a very fun night

*big goofy dorky smile*
which by the way all the people who were unfortunate to be around me tonight towards the back, were getting my smile in full effect! I was making sure that everyone in the area who was around me was smiling in some way or form (only knew two of the people around me... poor unlucky strangers...


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First of all, I have to say that I told you so!!!

I posted many times: this guy is uplifting cheese crap, this guy is good only if you bring a huge tune sing and glow sticks..and I really dislike that whole attitude.
But anyways, everyone has something that they dislike right?. I was able to listen to his whole set and I must say it was sh*te...Mark Scaife if you read this..you had the set of the night. PvD is cheese...I am glad I was fortunate (and lucky enough yesterday night) to have gotten on the guesslist and not having to pay for that PvD. I am not being pessimistic about those who paid, but I don't think this guy is worth all the hype. I saw him once in NYC and he was okay then, this time I did not think he was anything special.
Truly an overated dj.

This time the KUDOS go out to:
PvD's agent and managment for doing a great marketing job with him.


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Coat check was closed, but as long as u were willing to tip there was no problem

I like what they did to the Warehouse, it looks much nicer

PVD's set was NOTHING extrodarinary, i mean sure i enjoyed it, but it was no big deal. I wouldnt call it cheese though, he dipped into the progressive and even hard house genres. My favorite part of his set was hearing Underworld Born Slippy at the end. All in all just average

There were a few too many Gino's for my taste but it was bearable
The crowd was a nice mix, I know alot of ppl will find it gino, but at least they dont sit on the dancefloor and take up my fukin space. I guess it was just a bit too twinkie for me, seeing people sit on the dancefloor annoys me and especially in the main room.

Oh and the whistles, STOP THE FUKIN WHISTLES. Mark Scaife is progressive, not hardcore stop ruining his set. Every fukin second this constant shrill. They did improve over the evening though.

All in all a nice night out, trying at times, but nothing some alohol and 2 ephedrines couldnt fix.

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Miss Kitty

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OK I don`t know what you all are on about but I though PvD was really good. I thoroughly enjoyed my night and did not regret paying the $40. It did have its cheesyish moments but they didn`t last long enough to annoy me. All in all I give the night a 8.5/10.


The Chemist

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WOW!! That fucking rocked! I agree with Miss Kitty- the low moments were few and far between, he peaked!
Too many ginos, and what was up with the coat check?
But, PVD is the man.


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well iam not a dj, so I dont know all the technical aspects to his set

but Isomething just didnt sound right.
No part of his set really, stuck out in my mind, I have heard stories of people in Gatecrasher crying over this guy.

I dont understand why. They must be really high

At points it got boring and dull, the trak selection wasnt that special, and it seemed like there was no smooth progression. From trance to progressive to Hard House, which is wonderful, I like variety. But it has to be smooth and PVD was not. it felt like he was cutting and pasting.


Metal Morphosis

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I'm going to have to agree with Kalemic that Breathe is raising my expectations.
PVD came nowhere near the musical genius I was lucky enough to witness on Friday night at System with Hybrid.

The night started off badly when I fell on the ice in front of the massive line up outside the warehouse. Full wipe out - ended up badly bruising my knee (and my ego).
Arrived just after 11pm and waited 1/2 hour -not too bad, but considering the extremely cold weather, it seemed like an eternity. We then waited another 1/2 hour for coat check which closed 2 seconds after our coats made it b/c it was full. (Poor organization)

Mark Scaife continues to impress me as a DJ -his sets get better and better. I've done a complete 180 with how I feel about Mark's sets - last summer i HATED his music. I too would have to say his set was my favorite and I would have been perfectly content to have had Mark spin the entire evening. Keep up the hard work Mark - you're awesome

The crowd was less than desirable which contributed to me having a less than spectacular evening. I'll have to admit though that I expected as much from an event at the warehouse.

Now - onto PVD.
Started the set very Hard and very Fast -a little too fast for my taste but it was good nonetheless. Then wtf happened? He started playing C-R-A-P. I found his set to be VERY inconsistent. Although he played to the crowd he was not able to keep the level up high enough. He'd sink so low that people just got bored. I saw a lot of yawning going on. The last 1/2 or so he picked it up and kept it at a relatively high level for the remainder of his set. I guess i was expecting that sort of intensity for the entire set and he just didn't deliver.

I think the crowd had a lot to do with my overall mood on the evening. I guess i've just been spoiled lately.

I'm just going to stick to Friday nights at Breathe = great music, and awesome people always make for a fantastic evening.



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I thought the night was alright. The decor was very nice, the benches at the far back bar - nice! Not so nice: coat check closed, tow trucks swarming by the dozen at 2am (just a note, not blaming the promoter or anything).

crowd: I don't like to say there were a lot of Ginos...it did have in its favour that it was a +19 event, but it also attracted a lot of people who aren't regular party goers...um...a lot of those people that frequent Indian Motorcycle Cafe is the best way to describe it. There was this one guy standing in front of me during the whole 3 hours, who honestly never moved...once in a blue moon, he'd sway. But then again, all the fabulous people really stood out as they greeted all the strangers and met new people etc.

Van Dyk...hmmm...he was alright, a bit..um...on the eurotrashy side? I don't know how else to put it. Nonetheless, that last half hour was very sweet, finally go it together. The 2.5 hr set before...honestly, I was kinda bored. The track selections were alright but he was unable to build a flow and take control of the crowd with the sequence of his selection, 'tyou know what I mean? No. oh well.
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here was this one guy standing in front of me during the whole 3 hours, who honestly never moved...once in a blue moon, he'd sway. But then again, all the fabulous people really stood out as they greeted all the strangers and met new people etc.
dont u see the irony of your post

YOU are the only one judging

how do you know thats not how he feels the music, by closing his eyes and feeling it

I do that alot actually, hands on my hips, eyes closed, listening, swaying

instead you are saying that he must dance in order to belong there

who are you?

Also, why do people need to go meet people and talk to randoms, i am there to dance, if I meet someone cool

but iam there to listen to my dj, not meet a bunch of strangers


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PvD has sort of become the joke of the european dance scene. He still has a very large following, but more sophisticated clubbers only make fun of him. His style was pretty good a few years ago (even progressive at times) but now it's just dated and boring... the guy is just stuck in the past.


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I saw nothing wrong with dora's post.... She was just making a comment, dammit...

TraNceAhoLic, you bored or what?!

Get a life and stop jumping on people...



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I was very, very, very disappointed!

PVD played way to much "euro-cheese", and nothing new. I think after the first hour I had heard enough and wanted to leave.

I think by far the best set of the night goes to Mark Scaife, way to go Mark!

Anyways I rated this party 3/10, the 3 going to good job on decor. No points for you Mr.PVD, sorry!

-peace out.


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I figured people would have learned from the last time he was down here at Industry.

Don't get me wrong, hats of to PVD for his production skill, but as a DJ he just doesnt deliver.

Also, what style of trance did you expect him to throw down really? His latest tracks have vocals all over them and have become staple clubby anthems.
It was only obvious he was to cater to that style..

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i am not jumping on her, or looking for a fight

I just dont understand why one has to judge someone in front of them

they arent sitting, arent being rude, just standing and she is saying they dont belong there

then in the next line she says she likes meeting people and talking to strangers

well did she ask the guy, if he liked the music, if thats how he reflected his love, if he wanted to be there


and that confused me

Why does it have to mean I am jumping on someone, Iam not faming or being mean

I just dont understand how someone can act all plurry when being so obviously judgemental

Le Rêveur

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All I have to say is that I saw PVD tear up an overpacked TWILO up into a hands-in-the-air frenzy in NYC the weekend after WEMF. (can't even start to compare to Paul Oekenjoke). German-flag wearing party-people often referred to him as "god" at Twilo and travelled from afar to see him. While being in the legendary club and being completely sober, my friend and I were taken over by the atmosphere PVD created. His set was cheese-free, seemless and well programmed. It was obvious PVD to me at the time PVD had his heart into it. The only commercial track he played was Chicane's Saltwater at 5 AM, which was a complement to other previous tracks (possibly white labels) that adventured into realms of breaks and building acid riffs.

I could not attend the Guv't to see him this time (really bummed out) but I thought I would share with you that he left a lasting impression on me....

Perhaps he was mandated by the promoters (Benson and Hedges? / Guv't) to spin more mainstream beats at his last gig in T.O.?


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I can assure you, actually GUARANTEE you that Charles or any other promoter involved with GUVERNMENT would not do that

PVD just was not into his set, simple as that

it was painfully obvious that this was true while watching him


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the good:

- seeing familiar faces.

- seeing people *enjoy* themselves.

- the decor at the warehouse: reminds me of ritual 8, where it was converted to 1/3 its size using giants tarps/parachute covers, albeit, waaaay darker

the not-so-good:

the lack of flow in PVD's set!! his set was all over the place, and i couldn't find my groove. i'm not a big fan of build-ups (read: can't stand them at all), so his set did nothing for me.

i caught the last hour of mark scaife's set. i couldn't really get into it, even though it was more on the tech side and less on the cheesey side, as was his opening set for PVD in 1999.

i wish the warehouse would be used more often for events. summer's end was fantastic there.... the space was well-used for the PVD event, albeit running out of room in coat check reflected poor organizational skills.


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I though that the overall was pretty damn good. The warehouse looked pretty trippy with the drapes hanging, and the screens. It kinda sucked where there was ceratin spots that water was drippin from the roof.

Apart from that, PVD spinned a sweeet set, although at the beginning it wasnt as hype, but around 2 the crowd was so into it, you could'nt even move. I had an amzzzzzing time. The crowd was nice, nobody has attitude, everyone was just enjoying themselves.

And the chill out area at the back was awesome, excpet when the security kept flashing lights in ppl's faces often, well at least when I was there.

It was DEFINATELY worth $20, I havn't been to a good party as this is one in a while.

Does anyone know whats up with Connected V.4 this year?

I give the PVD party a 9/10
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Looks like it was exactly what I thought it would be. Cheeeeeeeeeeze. Hope everyone had fun, but I take breathe over PVD anyday.




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Alright, this is my first time posting here *yay*, so i might as well start here.

Reading this thread kinda shocked me. Were we all at the same party?

Despite the fact that the gino population there was rather overwhelming, the bathroom situation was disgusting, i was tired, i felt sick, i got into a nice scrap with a bartender, the coatcheck ran outta hangers JUST as we got to the front, not to mention us being stuck in there for most of Mark Scaife's set.....it has certainly been a long, LONG time since i've had such an amazing experience at a party.

You couldn't have asked for a more intense vibe. The crowd was hanging on to every beat, every buildup, totally loving it. And from where we were (right at the stage over to the left), you could tell he was totally into his set. Brian, i dunno where you were, but we watched him the whole time from the front row and you could tell he was totally into it. You could see it in his face.

The decorations were hype as well. The only events i've been to at the Warehouse had minimal decorations, so to see the rathole that it is looking that amazing was a plesant surprise.

As for his set, i thought it was perfect, despite one or two mixing flaws that i noticed....i loved his track selection and grooved to it the whole time. Bean (I met you in the washroom), if you don't like buildups, what were you expecting from PVD of all people??
I was actually surprised that he didn't play *too* much cheese, and decided to venture in several different directions with his set.

Overall i had an amazing time at this party. I was impressed not only with PVD, with his set and overall performance, but also with the crowd and the vibe that they brought. Maybe it all mattered where you decided to spend your night, but i know that up in the front it was absolutely bangin'.

I'd give it an easy 9/10.


Cheer Bear

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Fucking amazing.

God bless euro-cheese.

Paul Van Dyk is fucking gorgeous. *YUM*

The crowds we're great, didn't have any complaints there.

Tina, Thanks for stickin it out at the front with me.
It was great finally meeting you. You are mighty.

Honorable Mentions: Dave, Greg, Jeff, Sandy, Tommy, Adrian, Jason, Lindsay, Cripee, Ian, Bean, Alexsan, Nic, Nick *drool*, Muffin, Jason, and of course, Mr. PVD himself.

9.5/10 <-- didn't get a ten because i wanted even more cheese...I'm talking vocals here people...hehehehe



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I completely agree with Tina and Stacey !!!
I had such a great time....a little assistance from my friend "REV" , fun people and cheesy trance. WHat more could I ask for?? Only two weeks until Tiesto now..that was only a warm-up!

JAY, you owe me a drink

Stacey, glad to have met ya. (creee--peeee, not cripy
And everyone else too, you rock


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Helllllloooo Cowboy!

Originally posted by TraNceAhoLic:
i am not jumping on her, or looking for a fight

I just dont understand why one has to judge someone in front of them
Totally not judging...actually I was just really curious at the fact that he obviously reacted to the music differently from the majority of the people. He didn't seem to smile either, just stare. I simply hoped he was having a good time.

they arent sitting, arent being rude, just standing and she is saying they dont belong there
Woah Judgement Boy - I didn't say they don't belong there, I just said the general crowd is not one I'm accustomed to. That guy in front was a sidebar. I don't think they don't belong there...The only people I would make such a comment about are the people who start up silly fights. That one I'll have to ask you to take it back, s'il vous plait.

well did she ask the guy, if he liked the music, if thats how he reflected his love, if he wanted to be there
Funny you should mention that. I usually do, but for a split second, I thought he might be like you, and would rather not be bothered by some stranger in a wig, so I left him on his merry way, instead of potential bothering him.

I just dont understand how someone can act all plurry when being so obviously judgemental
I don't claim to be plurry, I just like to talk to strangers. I don't think that's particularly a good behaviour either. I can't imagine being judgemental toward this man if all I wanted to do was offer him to enjoy my music together. My curiosity at him was more driven by my desire for him to party with me, for no reason whatsoever.

So out of curiosity, if I ever met you, should I not bother you as a stranger, or would it inconvenience you if I asked you to join me in my partying?

woo hoo - my first attack on TBK, kewl!
hee hee (a la Homer)
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