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yup :D execpt I thought tiesto was playing in hollywood for some reason. (at palladium on sunset blvd. ?)

but either way I'll be in NYC with PVD.


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Originally posted by nusty
(finally got the guest quarters renovated enough to no longer be embarased)
guest quarters! hehehehe
i think that having guest quarters entails not being allowed to be embarrassed about your place...
unless you are embarrassed about the wealth!


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I agree for the most part except for when you tell someone that they're sleeping in 'there' and point to a place with wallpaper peeling (heavily, as in only about half of it was left on the walls), piping coming through the exposed wall with a hole in it and having electricity that works half the time as long as you turn the lights off while blow drying your hair (there wasn't enough current for both!).... It wasn't a thing to be 'proud' of to own... or to put guests in for that matter. It was fine for raccoons but not people, and the raccoons knew it! :p
It is now safe for humans.
It would have kind of felt like owning a 20 year old benz rusted out the bottom with a window missing.... kinda bettersweet, mainly bitter. ;)

....is anyone else beside bombthreat and myself going to NYC?
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I-Drop and myself will be there! Woo hoo for last minute plans...my friend is gone for the holidays and letting me use his Manhattan apartment.


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I ended up staying at crobar (my friend was spinning the main room there) and having an amazing time, but did anyone make it out to PVD new years? and if so how was it?


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I just posted my party review in the review section. in short it was a great night with some other interesting parts along the way. Oh and PVD played so well I wanted to cry. Some of the sweetest melodies I've ever heard from 3:45am to 4:15... then he started getting a bit harder (but still playing great tunes) to keep the energy levels up.