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“Well the label is back in swing after a long stint in the Aux Quadrant and various project completions from Optic Studios. All Optic nerve and Dj K-1 fans can now download those hard to find records directly to your computer with mp3 download. Download Mp3’s Here

Don’t forget for all the vinyl heads if you want to purchase Pbx Titles on wax contact Submerge sales@submerge.com


PBX–10 Replica ep. Optic Nerve

Complexed Emotions, Cold Machinery and Humanic Surroundings clash within this incredible recording. The Replica ep is truly classic Detroit material.

Keith Tucker’s alter ego Optic Nerve surreal vision completely develops the listener and pulls him into his metal like soundtrack from Detroit. Precisely titled, The ep is packaged with all the goods…. Eerie strings, Titanium Percussion, and multi-cosmic Imagery. In all, the release is what is expected

Visit Official Puzzlebox Site Here: http://www.puzzleboxrecords.com

Coming soon for digital Download

PBX-11 Time Travel ep. DJ K-1

Electro the K-1 way. Time travel is a floor filler for those electro bass heads who love their funk and vocal oriented tracks from the other half of Aux 88.

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Check K-1 out on the Rated Aux Tour in 2006

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