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Putin is ... ?


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Something is up in Russia. he hasn't been seen in 9 days. some say he's been ' overthrown ', others say he's dead.
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The North Korean twitter account says he's there.

But who the fuck knows how much you can believe them.

I'm sure he will turn up, he's not going to be that easy to get rid of.


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Obviously, he's cashed out of his 200 billion, and is hitting up the Miami Music Conference.

Tons of Jet Ski's and Photo ops. Catch Danny Tenaglia, perhaps.
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Putin's bodyguard is dead.
Putin goes missing for 9 days, then on his return, starts huge Arctic war games.
something be goin on.
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Bernnie Federko

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Here I was hoping he got a taste of the polonium-210 cocktail that he (allegedly) had a hand in ordering for Litvinenko

Highsteppa brings up a good point.

Call me crazy, (my psychiatrist does), but we all know that Russia deliberately assassinated a person with a unique chemical (nuclear) poison.

And what did the world do? Nothing.

Putin is an oligarch psychopath and I'm sure I'll be on his hitlist too just for saying this, but he needs to end.

When you look at the statistics, Russia is performing very poorly, I mean they are just under Uganda. By any metric, they are a poorly performing, very much a developing country, nowhere near the standards of even Canada and certainly not the USA. But this is another discussion.

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