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Purple Room / Revoltion Reopening!

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by T_Dot_House, Jun 3, 2001.

  1. T_Dot_House

    T_Dot_House TRIBE Member

    Hey Everybody!
    Just wanted to tell y'all about last nite @ The Purple Room inside the Revolution Night Club in Waterloo.
    When I first got there around 11, the place was busy, but not as busy as it usually is around that time. I was wondering if it was because of the school year being over or the new club that just opened in town last weekend.
    But, in about an hour, the place was just rammed with people! Really good to hear that there are a lot of loyal people who will PaRtY there, dispite the liquor licence problems they just recently had.
    Now to the Purple Room sets...
    Isaac S spun one of the best sets I've ever ever heard him spin! Don't get me wrong, he's always great, but last nite just just truly amazing! All the tracks he spun, I never heard before and they were all awesome. I guess he was building it up for the last month, and just exploded!!! To descibe it.. it was unique, new & pumping! My friends and I couldn't stop dancing.
    Deko-ze was next to step up to the decks. The crowd was already hyped, and he got them even more hyped with his "head-banging" mixing of the decks. This guy really must love his job, sporting a huge smile and interacting with the crowd thoughout his whole set! His set was truly amazing too! He spun and ALL HOUSE set tonite. He's got skills, and he knows how to use them! Playing a nice track selection and mixing them to make them sound like a new track. Truly a work of art. Can't wait to hear him again @ BLIST #2! Around last call, the Purple Room was crazy hot cuz of everybody dancing and the pumped vibe! Even Deko-ze was on the decks with his shirt off! Ya never really know how good you've got it, till ya lose it. And last nite proved that! Out of the many times I've been in the Purple Room, last nite was the Best nite ever, and all of my friends agree too!
    This club is here to stay forever! And eveybody who was there knows why.
    See y'all there next week!

    Sean B [​IMG]
  2. fluid inc

    fluid inc TRIBE Member

    Well, I will have to agree with you. It has been a while since I left the Purple Room felling both drained and vitalized at the same time. The vibe was great last night (better than it has been for a while) and I danced my ass off! Actually I think it fell off once or twice and I had to scrape it up. My friends and I had a good time and will probably be back once again.

  3. MalGlo

    MalGlo TRIBE Member

    awesome night

    dekoze kickeass again! made me up that i missed his 8 hr?? set the day before at turbo..gah!!

    even had some 3 table madness happenin!.. good job mike!


  4. MalGlo

    MalGlo TRIBE Member

    err thats supposed to read.. made me upset i missed his 8hr set at turbo [​IMG]


    alcohol sketchyness [​IMG]

  5. wrigley

    wrigley TRIBE Member

  6. T_Dot_House

    T_Dot_House TRIBE Member


    Are you Sherilyn the DJ from the main room?

    Sean B [​IMG]
  7. [- FuNKtiOn -]

    [- FuNKtiOn -] TRIBE Member

    I ended up going to Elements to check it out, and man, I made the wrong decision.
    After getting hassled about dress code (I was wearing a hat and running shoes - both necesary for dancing), I made it into the tiny airlounge to hear Peter & Tyrone spin a very "meh" set.

  8. wrigley

    wrigley TRIBE Member

    Are you our most favorite regular customer?
  9. T_Dot_House

    T_Dot_House TRIBE Member

    Wrigley, I think you may know who I am. I'm a friend of Isaac S. I'm the guy who told you at Blista about the bouncers not letting Evil P in cuz he didn't have his ID. If I'm at the Rev on Sat, I'll come by and say HI!

    Sean B [​IMG]
  10. wrigley

    wrigley TRIBE Member

    I know who you are!!
    Stop by and say HI on Saturday night [​IMG]

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