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Purple Heaven


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What a night!! I havn't been to turbo in a while, but the basement was a perfect size. Got in the venue hoping to a early start on the drinking, but no.. bar didn't open till 11pm
Music...Yummy! Every Dj in there kept me moving all night! Jason Marshall and Prophecy .. thanks for Superstring , and I am sure It was Thunderpussy that played Let me show you lizard.. I have to say that the security was wikid, and the bar was fairly cheap. What else can i say? It was another great party by Ph crew, and i will definitly be back for more!



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I had a great time. I met some awesome people who totally made my night. Thanks guys.
As for the party itself, I was very impressed. Considering that most people got in free, I couldn't believe all the effort that was put in. I definitely wouldn't have regretted it if I had paid full price for it. It was better than a lot of parties I have paid for. PH is still the best company out there in my opinion. Keep up the good work guys.


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Wikkid party!! i hadnt been to a trance party for way too long, and this party reminded me why i used to go to so many; i luv dancin to trance. Going to a party that wasnt at palais was a nice change of pace, and the sound in the basement of turbo was better then it has been most times i've been there...

Purple Heaven is right at the top of my list of favorite promoters, THANK YOU, and keep it up


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Sick fucking vibe at this edition of Purple Heaven. Regretably, I haven't stayed inside for too long, but I had a shitload of fun spinning my set!! The place was pumping wall to wall as I walked in shortly before 11 and Miss Moneypenny was destroying the floor with her brand of hard bouncy house. To be perfectly honest, I had trouble carrying over the momentum she worked up, but the kids got into the hard epic side of things in less than three tunes and it was all fun and games from then on... I really wish I could have seen Miss Thunderpussy in action, hopefully it won't be long before somebody brings her back!!!



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Well, I thought this party was definately cool...one of my favorite kinds of party's.
Old-school warehouse style..cool security...intimate...great vibe..who could ask for more !!
I got there around 11pm.
I think At-AT aka Voyteck was spinning...very good hard trance...too bad he got cut so short...
I played at 12am for about 45 minutes...I promised someone at the party that I'd post the set so here it is....
Artist Track Label
1. Pounding Grooves No. 22 Pounding Grooves
2. Uk Gold Believe Primate endangered
3. Pounding Grooves No. 22 Other side
4. Marco Lenzi Untitled Geushky Recordings
5. Chris Zander Lord Of Sunshine Additive
6. Dark Marc Dirty Drums EP Rough diamond
7. Tarball & Lungbutter Last Night A dj... Infected 3.5
8. Rowland The Bastard What U Waitin For Smitten Ltd #8
9. Geezer N. Parker Don't Take it Personal Organgrinder
10. Pistoloco Ghost Copy No Entry
11. Guy McAffer Oh Yeah RAW009
12. Rasmus vs. Speaker Pimps Clean N Green Smitten051
13. The Hit Squad Voodoo Waxworks records

Anyways, I had tons more to play but like I said I kinda got cut short....
JASON MARSHALL and PROPHECY...good trance set guys...happy 2 year !! And many more to come...chug chug chug chug
Anyways, Then came what I call SET OF THE NIGHT but to many it was blow you away trance set of the year for sure..
This biotch kicked my funky white ass all over the dance floor with such an energetic and hard trance set that I was fighting for breath and had to leave the party...This is all I have to say on the matter...other than good call on the Colt 45's before the party eh guys...
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lots of fun.

thanx for the drink tickets Jason!

well, after a case of beer I got used to the fact that there wasn't jungle in the basement - which is just wrong. anyway.. I warmed up, and Miss Tunder pussy blew me away! I really like hard trance. it's not cheesy. I'm tired and I'm writing like a child.


I like hard trance.

I think I'm getting better at dancing to that stuff.

but jungle belongs in the basment.


Purple Heavens are fun!