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Purple Heaven

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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Fun party, not too packed yet still a happening place. I was way too exhausted to enjoy it to its fullest but i did my best...

Lots of wierd dudes kept following around my friend caroline at various times throught the night(harmlessly though) which added to my amusement, and hers.

Who did the live PA?? it was really good, i kept missing the set listing, it cycled past on the slideshow too fast..

poor moneypenny, needle broke during her set.


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uhm what's the bouncing dance floor? no comments on that? a friend that went said it was like the dance floor was rippling like water... that cant be safe... I have to see this shit to believe it!!


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The palais royale's floor wobbles a bit when there are alot of people moving on it.

With a rave, people intermittently leave the ground, most of the floor moving is very minimal.

That place has survived numerous rock concerts where EVERYONE is jumping up and down on the floor, so im assuming it's safe..


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Very very cool party. I haven't danced solid like that for a long long time. Every single DJ was awesome. Solid tune after solid tune.

The bouncy hard-wood floor was alot of fun too. Although when you were downstairs and decided to look up and saw the ceiling rippling it was well...

Didn't matter. Can't wait for 7th Heaven.
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