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Purple Good Times


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I had an excellant time at Purple. I hadn't been to Tropicana in years, and it hasn't changed much. Met excellent people but they were all hullaboarders. Oh well, more later too sketchy now, hi everyone I met.



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^^haha kickin reviews guys...

This party fuckin' rocked!!!!!

OMG..Lori the hi-fi princess and unabomber kicked my ass....they played such an amazing set....awww...soooo goood.....

Suzy Solar vs. jason Marshall i was so impressed...suzy is such an amazing dj..i coulda listened to her all nite...and jason was amazing, but i think thats a givin..for sure hitting up limelight tonite to see them again..

prophecy and chiclet, first of all chiclet is the cutest/hottest thing..it was fun just watching her spin...not to mention that their set was kick ass!!!

this was such a good nite, the music was really unbelievable..

and matt...i will NOT be converting to red bull....


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Well, they tried to enforce the 16+ thing, it didn't work from what I saw, kids just traded ids around or got people to bring them to them (cell phones and an hour and a bit in line to work shit out). People were showing up and getting into line who had waited for two hours at sound clash, given up/sold tickets and come down here to party. Inside I had a great time, met lots of cool people.
The DJs all did excellent work, Miss Money Penny is beautiful! All in all one of the best parties I've been to. Good times, sorry I didn't meet you SUNKIST and Beaker, although one of my friends said that someone asked him if he was Rosey and he was like "no, but ..." and the asker was gone. Oh well. Ships that pass in the night.

Feelin' peachy,

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This was one of the best parties i ever been to, the MUSIC was the best! the crowd was cool and tight, i didnt have any problems with anyone. and it wasnt packed, there was just enuff of people there. good times for all.


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Definately a lot of trance

redbull tastes nasty... unless you've got 6 or so revs in ya..then it becomes an acceptable taste adventure.

bigups lori the hi fi whore! (not to be confused with lori the hi fi princess)

definately had a blast.. psst.. taleen.. was great doin the hardcore dance with ya.. nice ass.. titties.. ass and titties... *sings along*

matts an alcoholic...

sunkist is our new resident etard

having the records hanging from the ceiling was decent!... i checked a few out

not a bad party at all... that sucks about soundclash though..




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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Rosey:
Good times, sorry I didn't meet you SUNKIST and Beaker, although one of my friends said that someone asked him if he was Rosey and he was like "no, but ..." and the asker was gone. Oh well. Ships that pass in the night.

Feelin' peachy,

BWhaha!!! that was me and matt (beaker)! some guy reandomly walked by so we decided to ask if he was you...thats funny....just missed ya...next time!!!

Dave-shut up..i think we all know who the etard is...and i'm an amazing dj....


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Another night of partying this weekend.. Hadn't been to Tropicana for a while, so was nice to be back and especially when I was with friends.
Congrats Jason and Sacha and the rest of the Purple Heaven team.

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Great event!!

Wouldve liked to hear a little more trance while i was there...but ohh well, i assumed with SOS (remember when he spun TRANCE) and Lori being there, that there would be alot of the techno stuff...when jason finally came on, it was anice change, even though i had to leave 15 minutes into their set.

oh well...

The party still rocked, and the crowd was vibrant and VERY attractive for some odd reason? Is this a regular thing for PH events? Or did i just git lucky?

Congrats to Jason and his crew for a top notch event!!

And congrats to Popsicle Pete for his super extended 4-hour set!! I dunno how you did it man, but you did it well!!!


Ditto Much

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Ha I was there, most insane VIp room I've ever seen!!!!!

God damn Membership has its privilages that and well working your ass off all day



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purple heaven never dissapoints. i had such an awesome night. after standing in line for over an hour we finally made it inside. (lineup note: did not appreciate waiting in the cold for an hour+, getting to the front and seeing sketchy jib head louisa walk right to the front, do a little kiss kiss with the security and breeze right in...
) oh well......anyway, bitterness aside.....
walked right into melody and uh.....can't remember. started dancing like 10 seconds after we got in. the decor was nice and the tropicana was at its top form. i loved the "renovations". oh well.....its supposed to be dirty and sketchy. we like it that way! i also liked the angels handing out fruit and freezies.

headed upstairs at about 1am to find everyone in full MASH-CASE mode already. i found it funny too, cuz i was dancing away talking to everyone and my etard friends were all mashed out asking me if i was having a good time cuz i was......sober! oh well.......popsicle pete was kicking ass upstairs.....and it was nice and cool and there was tons of room to dance.

went back downstairs for miss money penny and sos, who threw down a slammin set. then it was LORI!!! i was way too exicted, but i don't think i was as impressed as i was at nightmare. she still kicks ass though.....and the unabomber was awesome as usual. i unfortunately didn't catch suzy solar's set- pure tired......maybe next time. i heard good things about her.

and dj fab in the chill room was amazing. a long ass set full of trance faves.......did anyone else have a 'groove' moment when he played heaven scent???

anyways, purple heaven kicks ass! i'm so at every party from now on. long live tropicana and its sketchiness!

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i just wanted to say that suzy solar and her partner, brian (li'l b) are fantastic djs but more importantly, they're people that stay true to their hearts. they do things their own way for the love of the music and what the scene can be. incredible friends who i'm glad to have met...

and on exactly the same level - props to jason/purple heaven who are the perfect people in TO for them to hook up with because they see things the same way...

The main room....

Lori the Hi Fi Princess, NYC VS Unabomber, T.O
{Shimmy U.K. * PPM * DAMN!} {Nightmare * Darkside}

Melody, Detroit VS Trancender, Detroit
{Trancended Prod} {Trancended Prod}

Miss Money Penny, T.O. VS SOS, WE&gt;I
{Bond Girl Prod} {TTC * DAMN!}

Chiclet, Kingston VS Prophecy, T.O.
{Purple Heaven} {Purple Heaven}

Suzy Solar, FL VS Jason Marshall, T.O./UK
{www.suzysolar.com} {DAMN! * twelveinch.com}

Madame Lynx, T.O. VS St.Pete, T.O.
{1groove.com} {1groove.com * Sonic State}

DJ Vibez, T.O.
{Purple Heaven}



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I haven't been to a party like this in over a year. As soon as I walked in the door I knew I was going to have a wicked time. The line up was a little slow, but I liked that most of the checking and stuff was inside. Coat check was a joke. They were only taking bags by the time I got there so I ended up having to stash my jacket somewhere. I was a little disappointed in that. Other than that the party rocked. The decorations were cool, the music was great, the vibe was awesome, and the view when the sun came up was totally wicked. I will definitely be going to the next PH party.