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PurePhunk - London

[- FuNKtiOn -]

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good times.
Got there to see Robb G step up to the decks, and the from the first track he layed down (Fatboy Slim's Santa Cruz), he played a good and fun set.

D-Monic came on, and closed the night with class, especially considering that we have made it official that when the night is done, he DOES have to play one last track as well.

Yeah... Free tapes.. I haven't gotten into the D-Monic tape very much, but so far have enjoyed it. Nice and chilled out. I enjoy having some variety with my tapes, so am glad to get a hold of this one.
So yeah....

Kinda sucks that the turnout wasnt much better than last time, but with exams starting the day after, it does sorta make sense...

But nonetheless... Hope to see y'all out in January.



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Well I officially don't know who you are FunKtion, because I was there all night and we didn't meet. I had a blast, nice breaks good people, room to dance. BTW the Dmonic tape is really good stuff.