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Pure Phunk - London


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Well it was a very good trip back to my alma-mater. I'm glad to see breaks in London still has its following. On top of going back to my favourite eatery (Prince Albert's Diner) and seeing some old friends, I was treated to some nice breaks from Madhatter, Chu, and Dave Saddler. I also loved the price of booze in London and got plenty wasted. It was good hang'n with Booty Bits and Double Cross (what'd you guys think of the Liquid Cocaines?). Anyways, I hope to be back to London soon...

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DJ Doublecross

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The Liquid Cocaine tasted like candy, but I don't think it mixed well with the KFC Chicken Lover's Feast I had for dinner!

Ah well, I won't let a little nausea stop me.
Good meeting you chuck!


Booty Bits

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Chuck... those shots were damn tasty! i think i have found a new drinking strategy: yummy shots interspersed with glasses of water. you get drunk but you never have to worry about putting your drink down

anyway, the music was great. Big League Chu played an awesome remix of Teenage Wasteland (baba o'reilly is the actual name i think). and it was nice to see some folks again!

i hope that next time the turnout is a little bit better...


[- FuNKtiOn -]

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Well, I myself got there late due to unfavourable situations that I ran into over the course of the weekend, and couldnt get into Big League Chu's set.
Everyone I met up with was a little out of it due to the Western thing, and Nightmare saturday nite. Thus, I found myself leaving early as well.

Dave Saddlers track selection was pretty nice, but I didnt start getting into it until everyone was leaving.
So I didnt get to call for the usual one last track, let alone hear the last hour of music. But still walked out of there satisfied just because I actually did make it there.

Well, I'm looking forward to the next PurePhunk in february. Not to mention marty next wednesday at the blue room.

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