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Pure Phunk - London Debut

Booty Bits

TRIBE Member
so i really should have taken it easy tonight.
oliver lieb on friday, ATM on saturday, and now Pure Phunk on Sunday. i think i am gonna come down with the plague or something if i keep this up...

anyway, at the beginning of the night, it was DEAD. there were about 40 people in the whole bar. and about 20 of them were still recovering from ATM the night before -- ouch. so, to say the least, i was concerned.

however, in true london fashion, by the time that Big League Chu stepped up to the decks, the dancefloor filled up with break-fiends looking for a good time.
and a good time was had by all.

he played a great set. filled with lots of goodies...
i was interested to see how Robb G might keep everyone's attention after the ass-kicking the crowd had just received, however, the second he layed down Kung Fu Fighting, it was all over. nice work guys!

thank god people made it out tonight to show Robb G and company why it was worth it to come to London.
very rarely does this city make me proud anymore. tonight was an exception.

Booty Bits


TRIBE Member
Yeah, We had a fun time as well. I wish I hadn't of partied so hard the rest of the weekend so I could have danced more. Hieneken's were tasting really good. Went to see Rukus upstairs after and had some couch time with Big Nick. Lovin Lush.
It was a difficult debate about whether to stay in Toronto for BREAKfest or to go back to London for PurePhunk...I chose the latter, and it was definitely the right choice.

I saw Big League Chu and D-Monic at LUSH at the end of the summer, and I must admit I was rather disappointed. I commented on Big League Chu playing Slow-Mid Tempo Funk and some Breaks, and I pleaded on the Tribe Board for some Big League Vintage Funky Breaks.

Boy did he ever make me eat my words! Colin spun one of the best sets I've heard him spin in a while.

'Course, I'm a sucker for Breaks Anthems, (Or Top40 Breaks)...and he sure delivered. Despite the crowd's fatigue from ATM the night before, the dancefloor was packed with London's small but strong breaker fans. Funky, Hard and never letting up, Big League Chu got the crowd going and kept the crowd yearning for more.

D-Monic followed and upped the ante with some NuSkool Breaks as well as some of the classic tracks that remind me of...well, D-Monic. Honestly, I hadn't been so excited by two sets in months.

Madhatter played a sweet set, and it is unfortunate that only 20 or so people were there, and the majority of these people were familiar tired faces from ATM, the night before.

If you've ever played the RaverMeltdown Game, you'll understand what I went through last night. The concensus of the crowd was simple: "I can't stop dancing, despite how tired and sweaty and thirsty I am." I haven't been so enthralled with the dancefloor and trying to keep up with the DJ in ages. At some points, I thought D-Monic was trying to kill me from exhaustion. "Gotta keep dancing...Gotta keep dancing..."

I congratulate and send ONE MILLION THANK YOUS to D-Monic, and the Pure Phunk Crew. I apologize to Big League Chu for having doubted his talent after last time he was in London, and I hope to see Pure Phunk show up in London regularly. London may have a small breaks contingent, but we are forever grateful for bringing Pure Phunk to Lush Nightclub. Thank you. All I can think to say is "Thank you." And I mean that sincerely.


PS: Yeah, yeah...so I sound cheesy and I sound like I'm melting into a puddle of compliments. Snarkiness be dam(n)ed, PurePhunk was Phunkin' Amazing!

Booty Bits

TRIBE Member
i hope you could all decifer my secret code that i used to write last night's review.

in case you couldn't figure it out... i'll give you a clue.
everytime i said Robb G i actually meant D-Monic.

but i'm sure you all knew that!

Booty Bits

p.s. brain farts are the worst
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Kung fu was good, but Groove is in the heart was better


Angus Robinson

TRIBE Member
Lush as pretty wicked on sunday night. Yes yes, it was a good time.

It's too bad that there was a big going away party in the mercury lounge (above lush), so the majority of the pure phunkers came kinda late. Oh well, better late than never!

Chu and D were on top of their game.


Keep on the lookout for the next pure phunk night at lush on Dec 10.