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Pure Phunk 1 year, baybee!!!


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What a brilliant night!

The sets were as expected - tight! All you punters who requested "international" talent......EAT IT!! TO's Pure Phunk crew can step it up as good as any breaks "headliner".

There was one comment I kept hearing all night........"Wow, I really like the visuals". This expresses how I felt. There was obvious EXTRA care taken into consideration here. Word.

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room

Willar X

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Awesome time for sure.
Got there a wee bit late but got a chance to hear D-monic drop a couple phat oldskool tunes alongside Bandit who complimented well.
the visuals were awesome and I've never EVER seen a crowd that big at a breaks nite.. bigups the t.dot breaks massive hehe.

Nice to see everyone support.. saw tonnes of awesome ppl and danced a bit...too tired from the nite before

Hope to see everyone at the Idance Phunk Fest.

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What a brilliant night indeed!

I was @ the One Love Festival yesterday, and I ran into Headwinds and he kindly invited me over to his place for drinks

Now, I'm used to going to System on a friday night, so it was a little weird making the trek down there on Sunday night...little did I know the drunken debauchery that would insue. The people were wikked friendly, the music kicked ass(esp. RobbG!), and I saw sooo many TBKers there I can't count that high...

Shouts out to: Headwinds, J-Hi, Highsteppa, Temper Tantrum, Bumbaclat, Lurch, MoFo, Kife, Hypnosis, Madhatter, D-monic, etc...

I know I'm forgetting people, sorry if I did! Oh, and quote of the night goes to Headwinds...

"Toby, Its official, I'm officially high"-Headwinds '01

Bias<---Had a great night, but it would've been better with Cheese

feisty boy

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thank you for the d&b room - didn't leave all night. can't get enough of d&b WITHOUT an mc! solid sets.
brilliant party. nice visuals - that's the best system's ever looked. tight crowd. loved it. respect to the pure phunk crew.
sign me up for the next one

da MiGHTy pLUm!

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I had an amazing time last night. Breaks, breaks, and lotsa drinks.... double fisted part way through the night as I drank myself into oblivion

Good to see CC, Mcbee, cosmic, Alchemy, KiFe, and a few others.

Left a little early though cuz it takes me a mother ass long time to get back to markham (bus, n cab... uh... yay.... fun....).

Thanks for a good time out!



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BEST NIGHT EVAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GREAT Fucking music, just enough space to dance (for 5 hours), killer VIBE, nice visuals (with the help of shrooms), wick people !!!!!

Shout outs to MoFo, Headwinds, J-Hi, Highsteppa, Temper Tantrum, Air-Bag, Malia, Jay, heather, Paul, Mc Bias, Toby, Mcbee, Cosmic, and of course Alchemy =)

And as I said sooooooooo many times last night "THIS IS WHY I PARTY!!!!!!!!!"

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Wow, was it just me or was last night amazingly fun? I NEVER dance too much to breaks cuz I get so intimidated but the vibe was so good that I didn't care at all. It was too funky to not move.

But aside from the wicked beats (and the jungle room (which I loved going into for spurts of time), the people made the place. It was so great to see so many friendly and beautiful faces out.

I have mad respect for you all. Such distinct personalities in the TBK. I love ya all.

And 3 nights at System in a row... I should've just set up a tent in the corner. Friday sort of sucked, Saturday was good and last night was such a wicked topper!

Can anyone tell me why a supposed junglist stayed in the main room for the majority of the night? What's wrong with us Air-bag?

*Duh --- wha's jungle?*

Temper Tantrum

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The word that comes too mind is the forbidden 'D' Debauchery. But what an absolutely incredible party this was. If you don't like breaks, then you've never heard good breaks, and the breaks at this party blew the motherfucking roof off!

What a vibe, what music, what a night. D-Monic dropped the best set I have ever heard him spin, the crowd went nuts. Big props to the man himself Big League Chu, still is and always will be one of Toronto's best kept secrets and incredible DJ's. Robb G...man this guy can outdance most of the crowd when he is on the decks! The D+B room was pumping in full effect as well , no dissapointments there.

The visual setup and lights were funky, phat and basically incredible. MAJOR props too the setup crew, this only added to the vibe and good times.

This was the party to be at this long weekend, so many really chilled, happy and wicked people gathering together to dance and party. I found myself walking around with a silly grin on my face because the good time was so infections.

Word out to Mcbee and basic, Sunday Night Sessions are back in full swing, and I think last night takes the cake as the night of our SSN crew. Wicked as usual to see the TBK in full effect: you always brighten my time at a party. Kife, Highsteppa, CC, Mcbee, Basic, Echo, girlfriday, headwinds, j-hi, MC Bias, Airbag, Lurch, MoFo, Alchemy (BACK OFF FROM THE PIZZA BYATCH
) , Jay, Heather, Paul and all the rest of the crew. You guys are the reason it's so fun to party in this city, Mad respect and love to you all.

Now my legs are sore, my liver is aching, I'm still grinning like an idiot, and I need more sleep. Till next time!

t. tAnTrUm


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This night was just HYPE! I got there at around 10:30pm. Once Big League Chu hit the decks I didn't stop dancing all night. Big League hyped up the crowd very nicely. I could tell he was having an amazing time because everytime the crowd raised their arms into the air he would have the biggest grin on his face.
D-Monic dropped a very phat set and was so right about MC Bandit. One of the only MC's that doesn't ABUSE the use of the mic. Most of them just don't shutup when they should let the music do the work. About 1/4 of the way through D-Monic's set a circle opened up on the floor for some break dancing. I usually love watching these guys bust their moves, but last night all I could do was dance. The circle gave me less room to dance so it was sort of sucked.

I hit the D&B room a couple times thoughout the night, because variety is always good. However, I just kept having to go back to the breaks, they were just exceptionally good.

Props to the Pure Phunk Crew for putting on such a phat show. The visuals were amazing, maybe the best I have ever seen System look. The vibe was good, every person I talked to was friendly and having a good time. There were nothing but smiles on everybodys face. I finally met D-Monic last night and I told him what a great job he does on the decks.

Of course as usual, my friends always want to leave before me. I was draged out dancing at 3:40. Overall I say this was one of the most kick ass nights I have had in a long time. Oh and $5 cover, $3.25 beer (blue) how could you not afford to go?!

that 420 guy

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it wass a pleasure to see the breaks scene in toronto blow up last night at system.

incredible night.

colin chu dropped bombz and had me bustin my ass on the dance floor till my belly hurt!

then d-monic ripped shit up alongside the lyrical styles of mc bandit. i normally hate mc's gut bandit had the crowd going, and knew when to shut up. he contributed to the vibe instead of taking away from it.

i had to leave early as bandit, myself, and his girl tamara hooked up with two more pimps and went for a chrome lowride cruise through the city. pure blingin!

pure phunk is an excellent example why the tee dot is tha place to be...

it was great to see so many tbk out last night. i was glad to finally dance with you again allie...welcome home *mwah*

pese and breakbeatz

- that vertibreaker guy

Angus Robinson

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I don't think it would be humanly possible for anyone to write a bad review of the Pure Phunk 1 Year Anniversary. Way too many people to give shouts out to, but you know who you are

This party exemplified everything that I feel is the perfect party: cheap cover, cheap drinks, packed venue, and good friends, ...and oh yeah ...bomb-ass breakbeats! And that's what made this party The Best Party of the Year.

Keep it up Dan!

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A deep, heartfelt thanks goes out to all those who attended the 1 Year anniversary party. This event was a definite turning point for the breaks scene. Attendance for this event was through the roof (just under 1000), and the fact that it was an all local event made it that much more special.

The party couldn’t have turned out better. It was exactly what I wanted. An old school rave feel with breaks and booze. The visuals, the sense of community, it brings back memories. Couldn’t have been better.

The original mission of Pure Phunk was to raise the bar of Toronto breaks parties by exposing the average party goers to new things and broaden their horizons. It’s a great feeling when I can step on the decks with an MC and play nothing but bass heavy nu-school and have the crowd go off, where I would have been boo’d off the stage a year ago. I’m thrilled. I got to play all my favorite songs from the past little while (as well as some classics) and it went over great. I’m thrilled.

All the DJ’s played great, and the hard work put in by every member of the Pure Phunk extended family will not be forgotten. Special thanks goes out to sooooo many, but specifically Big League Chu, Robb G, Dave Saddler, Phat Trick, Meric, Bandit, Mystical Influence, Unknown Souljah, dj Spinz, Pete, France, Edwin, The Zoo Media crew, the TBK Massive (and I never knew just how massive…), Shawn from Vital, Mcbee, Redhat30 (who was there shortly after opening and left shortly before closing), Madhatter, Alex D. (who hasn’t been to one of my parties since the very first one…), Eastern Bloc Crew, Hamilton crew, Niagara Region crew, and all who I have forgotten due to lack of sleep… thank you.

Check out the pict's on my website!

Watch out for the next Phunkfest: September 2nd, 2001 featuring Soul of Man from Finger Lickin, UK. Check the web site for more details.


New Member
Way go Dan & the breakfest crew for throwing a dope party - it couldn't have turned out any better than it did.

I'm so glad to see that the breaks scene is strong and surviving the turmoil that going on right now in the rave scene.

Much respect goes out to all the promoters and DJs for putting on a great jam, and just as much respect goes out to all the breakers who attended for making the party what it was - off the hook!!!

Bobby Thrust

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What i think is very cool is that last year after the second Pure Phunk, Dan said he was done with promoting. Good to see that you decided to stick it out and there are a lot of us out there that are happy that you did.
I wish you the best on your dj/promoting CAREER.

Brian DJ Duzntplay or MC Got-no-mic (depends on my mood).

justin surdit

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mos def a great night had by all - good to hear the nu-skool starting to catch a little - great sets by everyone - bandit was solid on the mic - i have heard a lot of breaks mc bite the bullet reeeeeeeeeal hard, but he did a good job of letting the music speak for itself when it had to. class a prime grade breaks all night. now, if only there were a weekend breaks night........


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simply AMAZING!!! Wikkid night and i speak for everyone when i say this. What a crowd! wow. Everybody and their mother came out last night- and im so glad. Spectacular sets by ALL dj's- u never cease to amaze me guyz
Couldn't stop dancing once I finally found a spot that i could move in. Congratulations Dan on an absolute fantastik party! Goes down in BEST PARTIES EveR! yea for breakers- u guys all kick some serious ass!

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Its been WAY too long since ive been to a Breaksfest sunday night..and even LONGER for a Purefunk event! So i was lookin foward to this cross, even though i didnt plan on even going until Sunday afternoon.

But anyways, a good time was had, regardless of my screaming legs telling me to stop dancing. I saw alot of smiling and bopping faces who were as happy as hell to be funking it up at System.

I will definitely be back sooner, rather than later.



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Oh how so deluxe this party was - cheers Dan on a great party, you raised the bar quite nicely - such a great blend of music DNB and Breaks! How could you ask for more? Definitely the funnest party for me this year!

If you missed it - don't miss the next one!


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I had fun there and my only regret is that I was so tired I couldn't dance for long. The only complaint I have about this party(and this is not Pure Funk's fault) is the stooopid bartender in the back room. He was only serving one half of the bar and ignoring people at the other end. And he was slow as fuck. Let's just say, that's the first time I didn't tip a bartender.


TRIBE Promoter
AAAArrrghhhh! I had a great time, but then I got too wasted and I don't remember much of the night
(I DIDN'T spend my night with the porcelain princess though, so that's cool).

Hello, again, to everyone I talked to, but don't remember doing so.....whoops...


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