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Pulse Check


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The updated reality of where we are.

There is generation X, Y, "millenial". I believe all those terms are nonsense but I figure that you, the reader, identify with at least one.

Just now, by personal experience, I happen to be in a nice physical spot.

Cats, lakes, feet without shoes, an arm-chair even. The sand flowers are blossoming and their pink blossoms contrast against the blue.

And yet I am disposed, still right now hated by the people who love me. Empty, desperate, writing whichever words fall to my head.

I will recuperate.

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Bernnie Federko

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I spent last weekend at a 3 day jamboree, then spent 3 days working through the current phase of a dispute, and just now am digesting the spoils of a farmer's market (waffles, fish Tacos, who knew). sometimes the outcome seems predictable, others the expectation is not a foregone conclusion. All is Experience.


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I pulled the nylon down.

22, male, in good shape, shaved everywhere. On stage.

I pulled the nylon down. Down just across my pubes, whatever pubes a 22 year old can have, glistening and listening to the music. I was drenched in sweat and lube and sparkles. I was a gogo-dancer in southern California.

The beat throbbed. Yeah, I had an erection. Or a softie. My softie was pretty hard. I rubbed it against the lady who had the higher platform.

me> "Hey"
her> "Just keep it up."

Her sweat smelled a lot like mine. Lipstick and glitter. Oh, I'd have...

I took a break, in the "backyard", and was approached, not less than gently:

them> "Do you have time?"
them> "Are you available.."
them> "Are you a top?"

A beautiful woman came on, to the dancetable, she danced.

In the afterparty, I was sitting in a hottub, with a beautiful boy with the harriest legs:

beautiful boy> "Do you think my legs are harry?"

Around twelve hours passed, he asked me:

beautiful boy> "Why are we still talking?"
me> "Not sure."

I went on the next morning to make a large part of the code that is weaving this data. The boy was so beautiful, the man was so expensive, I was just somewhere in the middle. On state street, st. barbara.