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Pulsate, Richmond BC


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One a very last minute decision I decided to journey to the mainland from Hippie Island in the commune known as Victoria to Richmond. A City just south of Vancouver. I started the journey at 7:30 PM hoping on a city bus to the ferry terminal, cathcing the last ferry across that night. Once on the ferry I realised I had no idea where the vinue was and had never been to richmond before. so the Adventure started. All I had was 1 phone number of a friend who was going and 20 bucks in my wallet. I arrive in on the mainland and call my Trish to soo isshe can come pick me up but that doesnt happen and as I see my bus about to pull away from the stop I quickly ask what is the name of the venue. "riverside". I get on the bus and ask the drive if he knows a place called riverside in Richmond ? He does luckily and he directs me on to another bus. from there it takes 2 more buses with much less friendly drivers and a nice McDonalds manager to draw me a map for the last 5Km I had to walk.
Upon arriving I get inside within about half an hour. upon entering the main room there was a great set up of lights visuals and to many lasers to count the main room set up was great.. the 2nd room was much smaller and the lighting set up left alot to be desired.
The Headliners of this party were Rick West(FL), DJ Fixx(FL), Ricky Incredible(UK), Jelo( TO), and Gaku666 (Tokyo). Rick West was the main attraction too bad he sucked. his set put the crowd to sleep. Listening to him was worse then watching tony little infomercials.
The high points of the night were Czech who was spinning in the 2nd room and Jelo. Czech spun the best oldschool breaks set I've every heard. The track selection was amazing. and the mixing was really decent too.
Jelo spun a great hard bangin set that got me dancing. The energy he puts in to his set was insane, bouncing his head, raising his hands and I even spotted the odd ass slap.
great set.
Last up was Gaku666 from Tokyo. he Spun a really great set was well but was cut short. its too bad because what I heard him spin was really good. hard trance and techno much like Mark EG spins. it was a great change from the plague of progressive trance that has occured out here in BC.
Over all
Pulsate 8/10
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Da grunj

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Getting from Victoria to Riverside via downtown Vancouver (by bus!) really sucked my ass TOO! Atleast you knew it was in Richmond B4 you got ALL the way downtown. I did'nt, when I went! Vancouvers scene is nothing like TO's scene is it? Maybe its gotten better, i dunno.



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yea it was a long trip... 5 hours to get there. yay for the city bus.
I miss the T.O scene soo much.
reliable parties and stuff, ( all respect out to azim the teh guys at twisted you are reliable but there are alot of pther promoters out here that are a little sketchy esp. here on the island)
well I'm off to have lunch. but hopefully I 'll be dancing to lock n load tongiht. at level.