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Public nudity


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Some friends and I used to have a devil's night streaking tradition. Some of the wonderful things we did involved toiletpapering our highschool's landscping, driving through Tim Hortons' drive-thru, and just plain running down a rather major street. We even showed up at another friends' birthday party (breifly). Good times. I think I've matured since then though, so my streking career has come to an end... ;)


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people passing by while having sex on the picnic table in james gardens.. haha i don't think they could make out the details cause in the dark naked bodies look like blobs, but pretty sure they were aware of what was going on.. haha that was fun!
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Har har...

I've got a good nudity story. It's funny that this just came up cause I just bumped into an old friend of mine on a patio yesterday and he we where talking about this.

Ya, so my friend is getting all drunk and shit at a bar in Oshawa. He starts having words with this guy, and they "decide" to fight. The other dude is going through the usual jock ritual of taking his sweater and coat off, turning his hat around so it's backwards... blah blah blah... and my friend start doing the same. Except he doesn't stop... and takes all of his clothes off. So this dude is standing in front of him screaming at him to put his clothes back on, saying shit like... "PUT YOUR CLOTHES BACK ON OR I'M GONNA KICK YOUR ASS", and my friend is all... "I thought that's what we're doing out here anyway??"... and he's all bouncing around like Ali fully nude, flopping around and shit. Eventually the other guy lost interest in fighting him and left. Pretty funny shit.


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D, if you don't stop stalking me, I'm calling the cops and telling them you have a roach.


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Originally posted by nleye10d1
Aren't they trying to make one of the beaches on Centre Island clothing optional?
It's actually on Hanlan's Point - which, if you're not familiar with the Toronto Islands, is on the Westsern end of the main island.

From what I understand it's been clothing optional for some time, though I never took advantage of it when I worked at Centreville.

Did I just admit that?

Besides, I don't think I'd go to a nude beach unless I was with my significant other, and that would just suck 'cause you just don't fuck on a nude beach! And I'm horny when I'm naked, especially outside.

At least one would think that sex on a nude beach would just be tacky. Does anyone know proper nude beach sex etiquette?


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Now you're bringing up old shit. Well, I make Jerry guilty everytime I see him. And I hope you guys had a shitty time after that jam! BAD BUZZ!

I guess my double entendres don't work anymore, huh?
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Hanlan's Point has been clothing-optional for two or three years now. I've never been there during the day, but one trip there late at night yielded a found pair of Armani sunglasses.