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Psyentifica - Ozosphere [album download]


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// Album Description

Somewhere above the vibrational frequencies of rivers and streams, birds and people the Ozosphere exists as a fantasy; as a crystallized creation of ideas, which take you somewhere you’ve never been before. A fantasy world isn’t complete with a soundtrack, and this 13 track Album flows from one track to the next tuning up and up the scale.

// Tracklist

Psyentifica – Xion 80bpm
Psyentifica – Hunter 146bpm
Psyentifica – Hexagonal Alignment 143bpm
Psyentifica – Under The Mesosphere 105bpm
Psyentifica – Carbon 90bpm
Psyentifica – The Sun Is Shining 110bpm
Psyentifica – Anubis 148bpm
Psyentifica – Passa 70bpm
Psyentifica – Turn Of The Century 146bpm
Psyentifica – Anticipation 99bpm
Psyentifica – Entheogenic 99bpm
Psyentifica – Mountainview electric 82bpm
Psyentifica – Magnetic 135bpm

These tracks were not written in order, or finished in sequence. It took me about a year and a half to have enough tracks to choose from in compiling this album- during this time I upgraded to live 8 and a new processor which helped slow down the process- not to mention a hardrive crash that had the entire collection of my music library in digital format completely erased…

I hope you enjoy the sounds.

// Downloads Rar archived album

16bit Wav Format : [click]
320kb MP3 Format : [click]

// Artist information

The Psyentifica project started to explore uplifting psychadelic sounds in 2008 has opened a new doorway into the psychadelic community which pushes the boundaries of electronically produced music to new levels of frequency stimulation. Since inception Psyentifica aka Catalin Faget, manager and producer for Infinity Loop Music has put out harmonic DJ sets which constantly get featured on top digital radio stations, original productions, and shows featuring some of Canada’s most prolific psychadelic artists. Currently recieving promos from top labels such as Dacru, BNE, Hommega, Bonzai, JOOF, and and a strong supporter of digitally distributed music; Psyentifica’s track collection is blossoming to be ready for any upcoming events where highest quality tailored sets are the base standard.

Infinity Loop Music, GOMP, Techno Hippy Crew, StereoShift, Ektoplazm, Perception Inc.

LINK // Psyentifica //
Booking // psynentifica@infinityloopmusic.com

All tracks written and performed by Catalin Faget
Mastered by Catalin Faget at Infinity Loop Music Studio

CD Cover Artwork graciously donated by Benoit aka hyperben hyperben2 on deviantART and modified by Catalin Faget, All rights reserved.
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