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Psyentifica - Feel the sunrise [psy/prog set]


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The light fills the sky with a new wave of anticipation for the day.
Birdsongs and feet stomping fill the atmosphere as the celebration continues.
The energy builds with the pulsing rhythms…



[=00:00=]=00. Talpa – First Ray Of Light
[=07:21=]=01. Anti gravity – New gravity
[=11:30=]=02. Oforia – Return Of The Machines (Echotek Rmx)
[=15:38=]=03. POTS – Groove Garden (Human blue remix)
[=20:32=]=04. Midimal – Deep devil
[=26:14=]=05. Jaia – Out Of Orbit (Vibrasphere Analog Tape Remix)
[=31:57=]=06. Nyquist – Ghostrider
[=35:47=]=07. Bag Raiders – Way back home (Neelix remix)
[=38:38=]=08. Fatali – Let us be
[=45:00=]=09. Patch bay – Tune in
[=50:52=]=10. Perfect stranger – Morning blues (ace ventura remix)
[=53:40=]=11. Psyentifica – Magnetic emotion
[=58:=14]=12. Freq – Stone shaker
[=62:50=]=13. Barak – The formula
[=68:01=]=14. Daydin – Theory of mind
[=73:24=]=15. Twilight – Threat of light
[=78:03=]=16. Protoculture – Homeless
[=84:58=]=17. Fatali – sweet Fine crystaline
[=88:13=]=18. Psyentifica – Turn of the century

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Text: Download

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